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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Police shot and killed a guy in Mesquite this morning and it looks like it was all caught on tape by local news. This may or may not get bad. 
  • I mentioned the line from Pulp Fiction earlier this week of, "What's Fonzie say!?" And today is Henry Winkler's birthday. 
  • Man, I finally have gone back to watching local news in the morning and it has a different feel. I think the consultants have come in and yelled, "Do it with intensity!" Even the mild mannered traffic guy on Fox 4 looks at you and tells you, "I'm about to give you information to get to work on time." And they even projected that on a stretch of road in Dallas that the drive time is 19 minutes. Idiocracy.
  • It's almost November and the Montague DA has still not released the records requested by the Wise County Messenger. Why? 
  • Halloween is coming up and it was insane in Bridgeport back in the day. It was water balloons and "rotten eggs" that we would later throw at each other. My group of friends actually went to a grocery store (Foodway?) and met with the owner and asked if he had any rotten eggs in the back since Halloween was coming up. He gave us a case.
  • On Halloween night, Scott Bilby and I launched rotten eggs at State Trooper Grant Drale from 50 yards away (we lobbed them). Trooper Drake for some reason had stopped someone on my dead end street. He lived down the road so he probably saw someone driving like an idiot in the middle of a TON of trick or treaters. Throwin eggs was dumb and stupid and disrespectful thing for us to do. But kids do stupid things. You know what would happen today? I'd be charged with a felony of Attempted Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. And my life would have been ruined. 
  • And I'm going to dog Fox 4's Dan Godwin for this morning reporting that a 12 year old was custody for drawing a map and making a threat. That's fine. My problem was that he said the kid was charged with "exhibition of a firearm" even though he "didn't have an actual firearm. Huh? I don't know what any of that means.  Edit: I've received more than one communication that there is an obscure provision in the Texas Education Code that makes this a crime. If I'm wrong (and perhaps I am -- I'm on it), I'll admit it. 
  • Hal Jay on WBAP said this morning that a particular Constitutional amendment changing the qualifications for president could actually happen because of the "influx" of Asians, Hispanics and Middle Easterners into this country. He named all three. Does everyone who works with him back off from their mics every morning?
  • One expected thing and one odd thing about the Mavericks game last night: Expected: They got drilled 104-88 and the Mavs owner trash talked the other team before the game. Hey, he's the smartest guy in the room, right? Odd: Coach Rick Carlisle said after the game, "We really would have had to play a perfect game and from a shooting perspective, we couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle." What does that mean? It's like a high tone guy suddenly deciding to act like Art Briles and try to fire off some back porch country witticisms.
  • I mentioned Natalie Merchant the other day because I'm still pissed off that a particular song wasn't played at Bass Hall which she had performed on MTV's Unplugged.   I tried to Google the MTV performance and  stumbled upon this performance by her at an outdoor festival. It is fantastic (although she might look a little drunk). She is truly happy and truly thanking everyone who supports her as she sings with unmitigated delight.