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Holy Cow! There Is Video Of The Twin Peaks Waco Shoot Out!


Obviously something went wrong and a crime probably occurred and one or more people needed to be arrested. At least there would be probable cause to arrest one or more. But the Waco Police arrested 170 people.  It was a mass arrest and roundup. And the DA has gone forward with prosecution. You kidding me?

For you people in Waco, get your popcorn ready to see how the "prosecution" unfolds. Unfortunately, you'll be watching a ton of dismissals against people who spent their life savings on bonding out and attorneys.

That should not happen in this country.

Side note: Nice job to CNN for throwing in scantily clad Twin Peaks waitresses running. You are hereby warned ! Don't steal my Random Thought Girl concept!!! There are intellectual property laws!!!


Anonymous said...

"A crime probably occurred"

Are you SHITTING me?

If you and are a member of a club - let's call them the Defense Attorney Knitting Circle - and most of your members show up armed and start shooting at the members of the Prosecuting Attorney Chess Club then you are engaging in organized criminal activity. A crime has occurred and you should go to jail.

Too many cops my ass. Too much obfuscation by lawyers more interested in money and chaos than order and safety.

Anonymous said...

If you can't afford bail and an attorney you shouldn't join a biker gang.

Anonymous said...

Bet you'd feel differently if it happened while you or your loved ones were eating at your favorite semi-nude chicken joint.

Anonymous said...

So you over arrest the "organized" group while arresting a few members who aren't guilty of a crime.......and set a tone for unacceptable behavior.....

or you arrest a few that you know for sure performed a crime and miss some who are guilty and instigated it behind the scenes.....

damned if you do and damned if you don't

Baylor Too said...

Let's say you are a motorcyclist eating lunch at this fine establishment. You have a CCW and are properly carrying a concealed weapon. Gunfire erupts. Don't you have the right to draw your weapon to defend yourself and others?

Specifically, I see the heavy hispanic gentleman on the porch, crouched down with his gun drawn, but you don't see him fire any shots. What did he do wrong?

And if he saw someone else about to shoot someone, wouldn't he have the right to shoot to defend the life of another?

Obviously, the charges so far are for organized crime, but I'm not sure how they make that stick, unless they find distribution-levels of narcotics or something. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this a gun free zone?

Anonymous said...

4:41 & 4:44,so you are telling if my 4-H motorcycle club is dining at What-a-burger and an unrelated individual busts out his/her pistola and starts shooting up the place, the local police should scoop me & the kids up since we are organized & wearing our "gang outfits" of green clover vests out of an abundance of caution? Just wondering.

DF Corn Club Advisor

Anonymous said...

Hey, that looks like Barry's office reception area on a Friday afternoon.

DF Easy Rider

Anonymous said...

That big ol' boy with the goatee at the early part of the video seemed pretty restrained in popping off any rounds. Better restraint than some LEO we know.

DF Walter Scott
sorry this is in bad taste, but I thought it appropriate

Anonymous said...

Skip, the only thing CNN could be charged with is idiocracy property law theft from you.

Anonymous said...

Dang it! Didn't I tell you boys to always flush when you left the restroom? What about the next person in that facility that wanted to put a Glock down the toilet?

DF Your Momma

Anonymous said...

They don't make it stick.

They make the local attorneys revenue quota for the remainder of the decade.

Police state.

Anonymous said...

I find the biker "bust" titillating. They were "booby" trapped from the get go and should have been a "breast" of the situation. I mean if they wanted to get something off their "chest" they could have talked things out calmly over some "jugs" of their favorite beverage. Perhaps shared some ice cream "cones" or water"melon". Someone could have dispersed "fun bags" of gifts and candy like "Whoppers" or Hershey Kisses to break the ice. Who knows. After some discussion the groups might have become "bosom" buddies. But no. Some folks got slobber-"knocker"ed, blew their "top" and then whipped out their "bazookas" and bullets started flyin. "Mounds" of bodies everywhere.

Its just a shame is all.

DF Hoot Erzerbig

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are a cop or are related/best friends with one. Put your silly emotional feelings aside and realize what BG is saying. Arresting all of these guys was absolutely a waste of time when perhaps 10 percent at best were involved. It is always funny when people like you crow about law and order until your ox is in the ditch.

Piss off.

Anonymous said...


Of course not. But this wasn't an unrelated individual, was it? Lots of shooting by lots of folks and a number of people dead.

And if your 4H club sells drugs and weapons and provides security for drug runners to fund your kid's sheep entry at the county fair then yes, you should be arrested when you are with the rest of the 4Hers when they start killing people.


Anonymous said...

Why haven't they released the results of the ballistic tests on fatal shots? I understand most were from police guns. Attempting to prosecute those who were held may prove very embarrassing to Waco police.

Seymore said...

Hey! They allow smoking in there! Not right.

Anonymous said...


Because you appreciate controversy as well as I do and
because you know how divided people are on this kind of crap.

I love the mixed responses and how emotional people become.
(9:01 pm- telling someone to not be so emotional and then ending with "piss off" -what a girl)

I'm a private citizen who does not carry a gun, don't need one.
I would however, if I thought for one minute that you could discourage this kind of collective show of force (-the bikers you idiots-) arrest an entire city in order to preserve life and protect the peace. That being my opinion, that I see could be wrong.

This always comes down to types of people and the shit they believe.

Some types who want to protect life and the peace and believe peoples rights end when they break the law or violate others rights.

Then you have the types that want to protect peoples rights regardless of the crime, the intent or motive and to hell with right and wrong or who might get killed.

Just like in politics people ALL believe they are correct.
Like you Barry, I believe differently but think there is truth in both sides.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why the cops think they were there to fight due to all the knives and guns that had on them. Everyone in the country knows they at all times carry weapons. They should have let every body go unless a cop actually saw who committed any kind of offense.

Anonymous said...

Wow! After seeing all the weapons in the hands of bikers and about the scene, my opinion on this has changed. That is A LOT of bikers with weapons! I do not think the police over reacted. Hell what else were they supposed to do? Walk in to the establishment and get killed?

Anonymous said...

I don't think saying piss off is being emotional...more like saying go away with your dumb ass opinion.
So piss off. And I doubt you would call me a girl to my face.

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of dumb ass bikers there. How many brought a knife to a gun fight?? Pure idiots.

Anonymous said...

Steppenwolf got me into this mess.

Anonymous said...

Only 12:02 is making any sense here.

Anonymous said...

11:14 From what I can tell they almost all brought guns and knives. Besides, many of these guys are veterans and were there just to have a beer and enjoy the day. A few hot heads ruined that. I agree the whole biker gang thing is silly for grown men, but the bulk of these guys are good people.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone made this observation or not, but if it was a social gathering of bikers, wouldn't there be a ton of biker chicks?
Where are they? I didn't see any. It seems to me that the bikers all knew what could happen. And if a majority of these bikers are just everyday, average Joe good people, why did they have weapons? For self defense? I think it is easier to prove they intended to do harm to others vs. self defense.

Anonymous said...

Most will walk. But McLennan County is fighting the good fight. This is public organized crime. When you lie with a dog, you WILL get fleas.
Cossacks and Bandits are responsible for a LOT of crap. When you fly their colors, you take that cap on.

Anonymous said...

If the police raided Del Frisco and collected all the weapons what do you suppose they'd find? Bunch of guns and who knows what else.