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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Star-Telegram has a story behind a paywall which is fascinating: There was a 1976 killing in Blue Mound where four family members, including a six year old boy, were killed as they were getting ready for bed. I had never heard of that story. It almost sounds like In Cold Blood. (Sidenote: Blue Mound has a police department?)
  • Here's a tech trick to get to any Star-Telegram story behind a paywall. Hit the "stop button" or "x" once the page appears but the ads are still loading. I'm just a dumb country lawyer, but even I figured that out. 
  • Most unusual bullet point ever: If someone was trying to send me a message yesterday, it was received.
  • I love Junior Miller of The Ticket but he actually said this morning that we all need a GPS chip installed so the police could monitor us and more easily solve crimes. Good lord. 
  • Mark Cuban was on The Ticket this morning hyping the Mavericks upcoming season. I've said it for over a decade: He is a snake oil salesman who has been somewhat lucky because of Dirk. And now Dirk is essentially gone. (And he actually plugged ticket sales, the price, and how to get them. That had to be a condition of him appearing in The Ticket.) 
  • I can't tell you the number of times I've watched the "Police Bus" video that I posted yesterday. That is crazy. 
  • I wrote about the jogger killed on the trail I once jogged on during an organized race and even said, "Heck, that guy sounds like me." His wife killed herself yesterday.