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Remember That Waco Swim Park?


Anonymous said...

We get more bad reviews than we want. Kills employee morale. We try hard. Here is one of hundreds of good ones!!! Thanks. Our team needed it. Share for a chance at 4 free passes. Comment something positive!!!

~comment from the BSR Cable Park website

Anonymous said...

A.C. Parson's grandkids built and own this place. A.C. owned Texas Safari Ranch in Clifton years ago, as well as Parsons roofing on Waco.

He served time after some of his businesses mysteriously went up in flames for big insurance bucks.

I went to high school with the grandkids who own BSR Cable Park. Both boys were average size, but man could they fight! Being raised as rich kids did not affect their toughness one bit. Baddest m-fers in school!

Anonymous said...

Was she pregnant? Surely not.

DF Can't Believe My Eyes

Anonymous said...

Once again, great camera work! I was kind of dissapointed that I didn't have to watch a commercial first.

Anonymous said...

There is some bad stuff that goes on in Waco. I think that place is jinxed. Perhaps Skippy will tell us one day what happened to him there that traumatized him to the point of becoming a liberal weenie.

Anonymous said...

If you hit just right you can get a hydraulically induced Enema.