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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • You want internal emails from the City of McKinney regarding The Pool Party That Cost A Cop His Job? They will bill you $79,229.09 for information which is your right to see.
  • Hood County Clerk Katie Lang stood by her religious convictions to not issue marriage license to same sex couples for ..... a few hours. She now says she won't personally issue them but that her clerks will. Has she caved? She says "no" and blames those who "have misreported and misconstrued my prior statements".  Riiiiight. As I said yesterday, she had no idea the media storm that was about to descend upon her. She does now. 
  • Wise County has announced it will issue same sex marriage licenses. (Pause. How much would you have bet five years ago that you would ever read that sentence?) Anyway, what's the over/under on the number of days before a couple actually applies? Since you don't have to be a county resident to get one, that complicates the odds.
  • And if you consider yourself (1) smart, (2) a Christian, and (3) a conservative, listen to this quick interview that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had with Mark Davis yesterday where Davis rightfully took issue with a government employee refusing to do her job. Davis is as right wing as they come and a devoted member of Grapevine's Fellowship church.  It almost felt like he began to think, "Sheesh, maybe these Texas leaders are nuts" in the middle of it. (He wrote about it in this morning's Dallas Morning News.)
  • Very bizarre: Here's the soundtrack to the original Spee-Lunker's cave ride at Six Flags. It was created by Barry Green -- not me, however. (Thanks BagofNothing)
  • Power Down: Mavs free agent talk. You have hope of them signing someone? It never happens. But Shark Tank is doing great.
  • Here's a pre-emptive complaint: With all the advances we have seen, how have fireworks not progressed in 50 years? 
  • This girl in the story below is living in Rhome but that's about the only Wise County connection.  I'm still trying to figure out where they came from and their path of travel. The story references it as a "Fort Worth pool hall" but they were seen by a cop southbound on Business 287 (the Saginaw cutoff) and Bonds Ranch Road. There's definitely a pool hall near there.  They ultimately crashed at a dead end on west Heritage Trace Parkway.  I love maps but that path of travel is pretty odd.