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It's Quiet In Most Criminal Courts But Houston Is Abuzz Today

There was once a high profile murder case in Houston involving a football coach and a fiery prosecutor. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

But it recently led to this hearing regarding the potential withholding of evidence:

However, she said determining whether evidence was Brady information [evidence that the defendant is not guilty that must be turned over] often fell into a "gray area." She said she did not turn over evidence of every "rabbit trail" and "kooky lead."

One of those "kooky leads" was a neighbor's wife who called police to tell them her husband had killed Belinda Temple. Siegler said detectives investigated the story and decided it was not true and that she did not turn it over to the defense.

"When the defense is to just throw mud at the wall and see what sticks," Siegler said. "Brady is an impossible burden."

And now, today, has led to this:

I thought I remembered something about that prosecutor from the past. Oh yeah, a bed. In a courtroom. On top of a guy.

Or going from prosecutor to TV star.


Anonymous said...

Prosecute these NUUUTZ!!!

Anonymous said...

It's the police department's fault, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the woman isn't really dead....because since someone said "hey, my husband did it" it is supposed to clear this guy, and yet nobody else could ever be convicted either because of reasonable doubt the other way. In the end, our fine system of justice creates a situation in which NOBODY did it. So, the woman must still be alive somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Full Disclosure - This comment comes from a current prosecutor with over 20 consecutive years as a prosecutor. Also, I actually litigated a case against Mr. LL many years ago. While I prevailed, I can honestly state that Mr. LL did an excellent job.

Anyway, the law has been crystal clear for many years (including when the case in question was tried) that prosecutors cannot properly refuse to disclose such potential Brady evidence based on the conclusion that they, the prosecutors, believe it is not believeable. Whether the Brady evidence is true or not is a question of fact that is decided by a jury (or judge in a bench trial), assuming the facts can be developed in a form that is admissible under the rules of evidence. Such evidence MUST be turned over to the defense. Any claim that there was a gray area regarding whether the specific evidence at issue here had to be disclosed proves only that the prosecutor who failed to reveal this evidence is either engaging in and act of CYA or was ignorant of what was well-established as a matter of law back when the case was tried. Either way, a Brady violation occurred and such a violation disgusts this prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors don't care about guilty or innocent. All they worry about is getting a conviction.

Anonymous said...


Defense attorneys don't care about guilt or innocence either. They just want to get their "client" off and build a name for themselves for higher paying clients.

There is no honor among lawyers, and neither side is seeking justice. There are only wins and losses for lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Pure dee straight up slap dab carazy the gal is! Land o Goshen. Can't you see it in her eyes?

DF Jed Clampett