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Texas AG Ken Paxton Is Now The Leader Of the Confederacy Of Dunces

That is mind blowing.  The opinion of Ken Paxton is that County Clerks can defy the law and even encourages them to do so. The clerks might get sued, but he tells them he has a bunch of (nutcase) lawyers to back them up. Interesting. They will work for free and cannot be associated with his AG's office. Notice that he does not mention who pays the judgment once they certainly lose.

Judge Judy is smarter than Paxton. The Supreme Court makes a decision and it becomes the law of the land. It's a simple concept, and it's called "the rule of law". It is our foundation which has us accept and follow decisions from Brown vs. Board of Education to Bush vs. Gore. 

Let's flashback to earlier this year when the Texas strongmen thought that the President had violated the Constitution:

This may be the most embarrassing moment in Texas history.  It is the modern day equivalent of George Wallace standing in front of the schoolhouse door. I knew Idiocracy was coming, I just didn't expect Texas government to be leading the way

Edit: Great find by Bud Kennedy - A 1983 Texas AG opinion regarding whether a Justice of the Peace can refuse to marry interracial couples.


Anonymous said...

We love the U. S. Constitution, until we hate it. Isn't that clear already?

DF Texas Republican Party

Anonymous said...

Yea, refusing to carry out the duties of your elected office or public service position because it conflicts with your religious dictates. That will certainly make this a better nation.
Muslim superintendent? No school lunches or water fountains during day because of Ramadan. My religion call for it & I'm in charge.
Orthodox Jew Air Traffic Controller? Working multiple planes in the air when the Sabbath arrives? Sorry, switch off radar. On your own.
Hindu USDA Inspector? Sorry, no beef inspections. Cattle are holy, not for Big Macs.
Hard Shell Baptist County Clerk? No marriage license for you, divorcee. One bite at God's Apple only.
Yea, religion is always good for our nation in all public functions.

DF Salem Witch Trial Attorney General

Anonymous said...

While this may the most embarrassing official act of elected officials in Texas so for, you ain't seen 'nothin yet while the republicans are in charge.
Fasten your seat belts.

Anonymous said...

I hope my children don't look at this time of Texas history like we look back at Alabama history during the George Wallace era.

Anonymous said...

in other news, Gov abbott appointed a homeschooler mother as the new head of the Board of Education. No experience with public schools, but a former worker for tea partier Lt Gov Patrick.
I fear for our children.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Texas AG, gay is the way today. We are no longer a Christian nation, we are a gay nation.

U.S. of A. - now gay 24/7/365 in all 50.

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Anonymous said...

The faggots are going to hell anyway.

Anonymous said...

Like you said...Rule of Law! Not the rule of five tyrants in black robes. If they can read the Constitution and say it says something it clearly does not say, we are ruled by men, not law!

Anonymous said...

Rule of law?
If you can enter this county illegality with no consequences then what is the rule of law?
If you can commit murder and be out in 15 years to kill again.. what is the rule of law?
If you do not like something is handled - then you destroy a town until they give you your way- what is the rule law?

Why the hell shouldn't the clerks and republicans ignore a law they do not agree with? Everyone else does, it's the MOB rule that sets the standards in this country - wheels off, you betcha.

Anonymous said...

Our president ignores immigration laws....we are following that idiot's lead.

Mary Anything

Anonymous said...

University of Texas students sign petition to remove George Washington statue...

There are more idiots in Austin that previously thought!

Mary Anything

mzchief said...

To Anonymous 7:29 PM...

Well stated. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these same bigots have "religious objections" to interracial marriage, too. How long are we going to continue to elect these buffoons?

The Last Sane Man in Wise County

Bear said...

10:47 and other like comments:

There is a huge difference in interracial marriage and same sex marriage.

If you can't see the difference there, then no wonder we are headed down the wrong path.

Anonymous said...

Well, there may be a huge difference to you, but there might not to the religiously minded county functionary. I mean, I for one would be apoplectic if a Muslim DMV employee refused to take photos of in scarves women because it "violated his religious principles."

sparkerr said...

8:16 (Mary Anything)

The University of Texas students have petitioned to have the statue of the president of the Confederacy taken down - - - and the president of the Confederacy was Jefferson Davis, NOT George Washington.

How in the world did you come up with George Washington?

Was that an Aggie joke???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm thinking a whole lot about breaking a whole lot of laws. First and foremost, not sending in taxes. Bout tired of it. Waaaay too much money going for shit I cannot abide.

Three hots and a cot, TV, books...I can live out the rest of my days on the governments dime.

I paid for it already.