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Trivia: Name This 1980ish Rock Star Who Was On True Detective Last Night


I've always wanted to know the name of the girl Jessie was dating.


Katy Anders said...

Awww. He's in a new movie with Meryl Streep, too.

He really messed up his face.

I won't ruin your trivia question for everyone else, but I will say, "Where can I find a woman like that?"

Anonymous said...

I would NEVER guessed that. Unrecognizable to me.
But that was fun, BG.

Anonymous said...

at least he looks alive

df keith richards

Anonymous said...

Is all your content from the ticket?

DF Old Grey Wolf

Anonymous said...

The name was Candace, but the funny part is that Jessie actually became a girl, too.

DF Bruce Catelyn

Anonymous said...

He does look a little strange. Could have sworn he was on Hot in Cleveland a couple of seasons ago and looked more like himself.

Capt. Schmoe said...

I thought that was Roger from the "American Dad" T.V. show.