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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Obligatory weather observation: Stop Raining!!!!
  • Shocking story in Wimberley: Eight people are missing after the cabin they were staying in was swept up by flood waters. (And the news coverage of this event has been horrible -- which is what you get when no one works on Memorial Day).
  • A crazy picture from the flooding on I-45 in Houston this morning taken by a former Wise County resident. (I don't say "must see" very often but this is "must see".)
  • Lake Bridgeport is 0.40 feet low this morning.  Low? I think the body of water is now just toying with us.
  • Mrs. LL accidentally washed her car keys which, mysteriously, caused her Gangsta Mobile to periodically begin honking its horn the other night. As we stared at the car going crazy in the garage, I told The Kids In The House that  "we have a real live Christine going on here." I received blank stares.
  • I saw some friends in the hardware store yesterday as I once again made a trip to conquer my softball backstop project.  The gal gave me a hug and it was about an hour later when I realized that I had jogged that morning, jacked around in the back yard in the humidity, had covered myself with bug spray, and hadn't showered.  
  • And the backstop project is now beyond ridiculous. I now have PVC pipe within PVC pipe raised telescopically with net being raised with cords (like you see at a college extra point.) But it's pretty impressive if I don't say so myself. But I need strong yet light netting. Help me!
  • President Obama's Memorial Day Address yesterday: “Today is the first Memorial Day in 14 years that the United States is not engaged in a major ground war.”  Thank you.
  • Josh Hamilton joined the Rangers this weekend. I still think he's dumb as a box of rocks but why does he no longer mention God when that was all he could talk about three years ago?
  • Harry Shearer made news the other day when it was announced that the multi-character voice man for The Simpsons would not be returning to the series. Because of that news I stumbled upon his project where he recreates the Nixon Tapes word for word and cadence for cadence. 
  • Back in the 1990s when I had my lake house, I took my boat out one evening even though the lake was closed because of flooding. But that was back in the day when a Game Warden wouldn't stop you you within 50' to do a "safety check". (Before you guys jump me, I was up in the remote north end and went very slowly so as to create very little wake). 
  • I watched most of 12 Angry Men late the other night. It's still great, but it finally dawned on me that "reasonable doubt" was hardly discussed at all. They kept using the word "innocent".