Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not familiar with Padera Lake alongside U.S. Highway 287 in Midlothian, but its dam is about to break this morning. (Photo.)
  • And let the word go forth, over the last 24 hours Lake Bridgeport has now become full -- the first time that has happened since August, 2010. (It's .10 feet over to be exact.)  The Tarrant Regional Water District said this morning that it will open the gates when it hits .20. That's surprising because Lake Worth is full, too.
  • Thanks for all the advice on my backstop project. Lots of options to look at. Bird nets. Mosquito nets. Professionally designed nets made to order. But, whatever I decide, I'm expecting the first test softball throw to make it all go tumbling down. I've got a lot of Clark Griswold in me. 
  • "AUSTIN - The director of the Texas Department of Public Safety [Steve McCraw]  today apologized for an embarrassing lapse by the Texas Rangers that ended with a confidential witness interview being released to the press."  McCraw is having a heck of a Spring.
  • The only time I hear the word "torrential" is when rain is mentioned. I don't think it is limited to just that subject.
  • All the northbound traffic on 287 was detoured to residential Decatur this morning due to a truck fire. Flashback: Remember when 380 actually sent all of its traffic, including tons of rock trucks, right by the courthouse before the bypass was built? 
  • The Supreme Court has decided to hear a "One man, One vote" Texas case.  This is really pretty interesting. A conservative group challenged the way districts have been drawn for Texas legislator elections based upon the fact that the districts were drawn using total population instead of eligible voters. Using a crazy hypothetical, if there is a district with a million people in it but only 100,000 eligible voters, those voters have more power than a district of a million people with 500,000 eligible voters. 
  • Hey, iTunes: When I want to buy something and I can't remember my password it's because you make me reset my password every time I forget. And  since you won't let me use any password I've used in the last year, guess what? I keep using passwords I can't remember!!!!!