The Campaign For DA


Extra Random Thoughts

  • Regarding the iTunes password that I keep forgetting. I keep a password manager on my computer (fantastic idea, by the way) but for some reason it works only for browsers and not for the stand alone iTunes program. So why don't I just write that one down (especially since I am a notorious notetaker and documentor)? Because I'm now in a loop where I have to reset about once every three months when I want an app/music/book right then!!! After I go through the beat down of resetting it, I'm so happy to get my app/music/book that I just do the ol' "I can remember it" trick.
  • I was almost killed yesterday at the four way stop at Hale and Trinity at Decatur.  I pulled up to the stop sign right before the car going from my left to right arrivesd. We exchanged the wave to confirm I had the right of way. (Thank you, sir.) I pulled into the intersection to execute my left turn and then out of the corner of my eye I saw a car coming from the right to left. It seemed to be going pretty fast. I quickly took my foot off the gas and gently hit the brake in the intersection. Yep, that car blew right through the intersection at a speed of at least 40 miles per hour. My cat like reflexes saved me again.
  • I took this picture last night with my phone pointed straight up.  Suitable for framing. (And I'm almost serious about that.)