Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've got a fancy weather app which has arrows showing the direction a storm is traveling and at what speed. I knew there was a problem last night when that line of storms hit the metroplex and, when I checked back 30 minutes later, I noticed it was moving backwards at five miles per hour.
  • Watched the last two standing in the National Spelling Bee last night and was happy to see that one of them was Vanya Shivashankar - a girl who I followed for weeks on the show Child Genius. It made me unjustifiably feel smart. 
  • Few minutes ago: "Sachse Fire-Rescue is trying to get an officer out of his squad car. He is stuck in high water." Photo.  Hey, turn around, don't . . . . Dang it, I can never remember that phrase.  Edit: Of course they rescued him with a helicopter.
  • BagOfNothing referred to a Punky Brewster episode of a kid getting locked in a refrigerator. I don't think I ever saw a single episode of that show but being warned about playing arpimd an abandoned refrigerator was a huge public service campaign back in my childhood. Which now has me thinking: Was there an epidemic of abandoned refrigerators back in the day? 
  • Saw FBC Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress embarrassing his church again by going on a political rant on Hannity.  I almost expect the IRS to try and take away the church's tax exempt status because its leader is more of a political pundit that a religious leader.
  • Lake Bridgeport is 2.27 feet high this morning, and I believe the spillway is open.
  • There were pictures released yesterday allegedly showing Jerry Jones partying with a couple of women. I don't think that's Jerry. 
  • Official Liberally Lean Baseball Player Chris Davis has 11 home runs this year but I haven't mentioned a single one. 
  • The Open Carry bill is now back on track with the amendment of "police cannot detain to check for a CHL" language taken out of it.  It's absolutely amazing that Tea Party favorites Konni Burton and Jonathan Stickland have been going on rants saying the legislature has no respect for the 4th Amendment for striking that language. That shows a complete lack of understanding.  The bill's amendment provided greater protection than the 4th Amendment -- a state can do that. But with the bill's amendment gone, it is the 4th Amendment which will control what police can and cannot do when they see an openly carried handgun. 
  • Three of the Waco bikers have been released once their bonds were reduced to $25,000.  But innocent people who were arrested without probable cause sit in jail down there. Amazing.