The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Once again, I'm the hardest working man in show business.
  • Lake Bridgeport is at 1.20 feet low this morning, but I'm surprised it's not full. That rain forecast for the weekend seemed to hit more south than north.
  • I'm trying to make a homemade softball backstop for the back yard that will extend over the peremiter fence by about six feet. I'm using PVC pipe and (here's the mistake) orange safety fencing. It'll work, but my goal was to have it easily taken up and down. This has turned into my marathon electrical school project from a few weeks back. But my new revised plan is to make it work like a football net that you'll see on TV being raised and lowered for field goals and PATs. I love this stuff. And I have the best time thinking about what will work and proudly, yet reluctantly, scrapping everything I've done when I discover a new and better way. 
  • I visited Arlington National Cemetery once and it was overwhelming.
  • This story on the alleged Chico murder/arson gave me Tired Head while reading it. 
  • Sheriff Joe says he needs money to pay for lawyers. 
  • I'll echo BagOfNothing today: I never say, "I know what you are going through" or "I know how you feel." I don't know. Nor do you. 
  • Watched a little of the Fox News morning news show yesterday where Chris Wallace made presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee look silly on his assertion that Supreme Court decisions should not be enforced unless all three branches of government agree on the issue.
  • I think I write Random Thoughts every morning for the same reason "you should make your bed". It may be a small and insignificant accomplishment but, nevertheless, it is an accomplishment at the beginning of the day. 
  • The more I think about the Waco biker shootings the more I think the DA is in over his head. It may very well be there is only one murder that can legitimately prosecuted and won. Everything after that is an act in self defense or defense of a third person. (And I'm focusing only on the people involved in the actual shootings -- not the 95% of those being kept in cages for just being there.)
  • A video I wish someone create: A side by side of Eddie Vedder going crazy with the guitar on David Letterman the other night at the end of "Better Man" and Michael J. Fox at the prom in Back To The Future.
  • The Texas Senate passed the Open Carry bill on Friday night which included a provision that cops can't detain someone to ask if they have a license. I'm almost embarrassed to say I watched the process online. Just like an electrician would shake his head as he watched me work on the Junior In The House's school project, I had Slumped Shoulders as the Senate argued about "probable cause", "investigative detention", and "consensual encounters" with no idea what they were talking about. 
  • Just saw that a fan ran up to Roger Federer on the court at the French Open and tried to take a selfie.  Federer was friendly at first and then seconds later became nervous. If he wasn't thinking, "Hey! Monica Seles was stabbed by a fan on the court, right?", I'd be surprised.
  • Supreme Court Justice Jeff Boyd posted a Twitter pic this morning about Memorial Day. Note to judge: When you put your name in the graphic, it is obvious that you are pandering.
  • Fantastic photo collection of the damage caused by the storms in Texas and Oklahoma. (Thanks, W.C.)