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Watch An ESPN Reporter's Career Go Up In Flames

Hey, Blondie, that girl behind the counter (probably a bulletproof one because of nutcases like you) has the worst job in the world. And you know what else? She isn't the one who parked in a no parking zone. She didn't even drive the tow truck.

This is incredible. You're mad? Fine.  You want to be a little rude at that moment because you're bent out of shape? I'll give you a pass. But those comments were viscous personal attacks which are a window to her true character.

ESPN has suspended this gal for a week. How bold!!!! Here's a prediction: I bet ESPN will end up firing her. You know who watches ESPN? Spare guys like me who have seen women like this all their lives and rolled our eyes at them.  Is it too harsh to say we despise them? Nope.  And you know who these spare guys are married to? Women who have put up with uppity chicks just like her all of their lives. But here's the kicker: The reporter, after calling the attendant stupid, insulted her further by mentioning her weight and about her looks. Yeah, that will endear you to females. So she basically alienated 100% of that network's audience. Girl, you have no idea the wrath that the public is about to give you.  Nor does ESPN.

And I think the best part is that she was warned she was on camera. As far as TV goes, it may be the last time ever.