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I saw this over the weekend, but I had no idea the guy died.

The party line is that the deputy mistook his handgun as a taser. Question: Is it possible to make a mistake like that?)  I guess it is possible (I'm on record as saying anything is possible), but how likely is that?

And how about the rest of the cops just ignoring the gunshot wound and the soon to be dead guy's cry for air?

(The deputy has been charged with manslaughter -- a crime which can be be understood as killing someone by a stupid, yet unintentional, act.)


Anonymous said...

There's a couple of common themes that no one wants to talk about in these shootings.

But, other than the obvious questions, including, could a cop, under duress mistake his gun for a taser, what did the bullet do when it hit the asphalt.

I've shot pigs and had the bullet explode into shrapnel.

Could the bullet spray out into the criminal in various directions after striking the asphalt?

Assuming it did not penetrate the ground.

David Venable said...

If they had the guy on the ground with a couple of officers on top of him, why did the reserve deputy feel that tazing the guy was necessary in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm finally sold. Police should be able to shoot and kill whoever they want, whenever they want, for whatever reason. The police are good, the public is bad.

guinjames said...

It wasn't a cop it was a wannabe who they gave a gun probably because he donated to some election fund. 73 year old deputy, really? If they are going to give them a gun give them 1 bullet and make them carry it in their shirt pocket like Barney Fife.

Andrew Kuppinger said...

My question is: WHAT IS A 73 doing wearing a badge and a gun anyway.

Anonymous said...

He is guilty of killing an unarmed man.

Make all the excuses you wish, but that's what happened.

The world may be safer without the victim in it, but that does not excuse the shooter.

Whether they wish to allow him to be unaccountable for this act is the question.

If they do let him off, it is injustice and the grand jury will have blood on their hands.

People shoot people. They allowed him to carry a gun.

A $10 million lawsuit will change the policy in that police department.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you really never heard of the most famous case to use the 'I thought it was my taser' excuse?

Fruitvale Station is a good movie. Worth your time.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this is a discussion.

It was an accident. And you big brother people who want everything filmed still want to charge a cop.

It was filmed.
Everyone agreed it was an accident.
If he didn't have to tackle the criminal it would've never happened.

Anonymous said...

The feel and weight of a taser is considerably different than that of most medium frame pistols that are typically carried by LEO's!

Anonymous said...

It's a new concept: the throw-down deputy.

Anonymous said...

"Everyone agreed it was an accident."

No. All the white cops have agreed it was an accident.

Anonymous said...

I'm black.
I saw the video.
It was an accident.

That accident doesn't happen if he doesn't run.

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma deputy charged with manslaughter in fatal Tulsa shooting. Reuters Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:14pm EDT

Anonymous said...

This may have been an accident, but the officer was negligent. The police department was negligent for letting this man have a badge and a gun.

When cops start doing hard time, there will be fewer of these types of accidents!

Shoot first and ask questions later is no longer acceptable. The badge is no longer your hunting, chasing and killing license.

The only people who defend cops accidentally shooting someone are cops. These types of accidents by civilians aren't treated in the same manner.

Mother accidentally dropped her 2 year old into the cheetah cage, charges filed.

Drunk driver accidentally ran over a pedestrian, charges filed.

Parent accidentally left child in the car too long on a hot day and the child died, charges filed.

A 17 year old handling gun accidentally shot and killed his friend, charges filed.

Exonerating killing by reason of accidental or unintentional means is not cutting it anymore. If you don't like it, maybe the world is a safer place if you become a security guard.

I would feel safer knowing that law enforcement will think twice before firing their weapon.

Thinking first, before reacting, will save lives. The thought of prison time will help them think before reacting.

Anonymous said...

Cops must aspire to be judges, especially when they decide to be the firing squad!

Anonymous said...

He said he was sorry. What's the problem? I'm glad they blocked the faces of those brave officers that pinned that dangerous black man to the pavement until he quit struggling. No point in embarrassing them with this trumped up hoo-ha.

DF Constable Tom

Anonymous said...

It is depressing how negligent the deputy was. He committed manslaughter. He literally dropped the gun and said that he was sorry the second that he shot the guy. You can see this on video.

Incompetent? YOU BET.
Worthy of suit against the deputy and the county? No doubt.

I'm a cop. I'm white. So what? He screwed up. A Taser shouldn't have even been involved in that arrest; the other officer already had the suspect on the ground, with four backup officers readily at hand.

And why in the HELL would the deputy carry a small snubnosed revolver while being backup on a gun sale sting? That's a backup gun.

This is Rubber Gun Club Amateur Hour.

Anonymous said...

They won't be satisfied until they kill us all.

Anonymous said...

If you fail at everything else....

Anonymous said...

7:36, if "they" wanted to kill us all you'd be dead already.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you asked, "The party line is that the deputy mistook his handgun as a taser. Question: Is it possible to make a mistake like that?) I guess it is possible (I'm on record as saying anything is possible), but how likely is that?"

You get a quick visual on the shooter just before the shot. After the shot, you hear "Oh, I shot him! I'm sorry! I..." and we see the guy put his Taser back into his drop holster strapped onto his right thigh.

It would appear that Mr. Elder Volunteer Deputy actually had out his gun AND his Taser at the same time.

This is a complete violation of how we do it. The protocol for Less Lethal and Intermediate weapons is to use one at a time. Dual-wielding will absolutely cause problems. So, yeah, it's possible.

And as has said by others here, there was no real need to Taze him anyway.

--Disgusted police firearms instructor

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

This one will get interesting. Why is a 73 YO a reserve deputy? People are wondering (from linked article);

"The reason Andre said the sheriff's office is corrupt is because Bates has made some generous donations to the department.

Records show he donated six cars and several other items to the department between 2009 and 2012. Andre believes that's why the 73-year-old was allowed to be a reserve deputy.

The sheriff's office denies that, backing it up with records of Bates' 276 hours of training.

Bates' attorney, Clark Brewster said he doesn't believe the charges against Bates should have been filed.

“It was an excusable homicide, in my opinion, and the circumstances were not intentional, it was an accident.”

When it comes to the donations Bates made to the department, Brewster said he doesn't think it should be taken into consideration.

“The fact that he's been benevolent toward the sheriff's department,” Brewster said. “…that's not to be criticized or belittled or held up to ridicule.”

Brewster said Bates was a former Tulsa Police officer with hundreds of hours of training. He said he is probably one of the most trained reserved deputies in the program."

Anonymous said...

So if this guy is "one of the most trained reserved deputies in the program," shouldn't you get rid of the program at this point?

Because if 7 weeks' worth of training makes him the most trained, how little training are you putting the other reserve deputies out there with?

Anonymous said...

Federal Agents must retire by the age of 57. There is a reason for that...

Anonymous said...


DF Ricky P

Anonymous said...

Common occurrence in all these cop shootings . . . Negroes running!

If they weren't breaking the law is there a reason to run?