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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • More bad public servant news: (1) A Fort Worth firefighter allegedly punched a 78 year old man at TCU football scrimmage, (2) An ex-Dallas officer got 18 months for trying to hide his relationship with a prostitute while employed, (3) An ex- Dallas County probation officer pled guilty to being involved in a "drug trafficking ring" while employed. 
  • Look out: Local CBS 11 has picked up the arrest of the lady by Rhome PD for challenging them. 
  • That lady, Amy Hedtke, has quite the history of challenging "authority" if you look her up on The Google. You know, she may be brash and sometimes crude but we absolutely need people like her. "Respect authority" does not mean a mindset of total submission and surrender regardless of what that person in authority wishes to do.
  • An example of the above: If an officer illegally stops and searches someone's car and finds dope, I can call it out and have a judge throw the case out. If an officer illegally searches someone's car and finds nothing, there is no ramification and you never hear about it.  Unless it happens to someone who knows the rules and refuses to put up with it. 
  • And I will never forget Southpark's Eric Cartman becoming a "policeman" and uttering the phrase, "You will respect my authoritah!"
  • I was throwing at my pitchback net in the back yard last evening when Mrs. LL peeked out and said, "I'm home!" She then turned around and went back in which is unusual because she'll normally come out and chat a bit.  I went in about 10 minutes later. My CSI skills revealed why she went back in: Survivor was on.
  • The NBA playoffs are set. I'll watch . . . none of it. What do you think? Rockets over Mavericks in 4? 5? 6? 
  • I rant way too much about radio host Mark Davis (who I really enjoy listening to despite my rants) but he continues to drive me crazy. Via podcast yesterday, I heard him go off against the minimum wage in the first part of an hour and casually reference a musical album he likes at the end of the hour and say, "I'll download an album for iTunes when I get the urge and may not listen to it for six months."  I then thought about the price of an iTunes album when compared to the minimum hourly wage.
  • The other day All The Females In The House were yelling because of a result on some reality show on TV which caused me to say: "Uh, you guys realize you are yelling at the TV, right?" Mrs. LL: "Yeah. It's kind of like when you watch Fox News." Both girls then immediately supported her with, "Baaaauuuum!"
  • Yesterday on WBAP, some female newscaster said, "Did you know that you can buy people to 'like' your Facebook page?" WBAP's Brian Estridge then told her "Thanks, for ruining the next segment." In that segment, Estridge said that the government had spent $600,000 to buy "likes" for Hillary's Facebook page.  Even gullible Hal Jay questioned that. I certainly questioned that. The only thing a can find is an old Fox News story that says, "The State Department spent more than $630,000 on advertising campaigns to boost the number of Facebook 'likes' for the agency's pages" over a two year period. I don't approve of that but that's a far cry from Estridge's misinformation. 
  • I've been wondering (as well as one commenter) about whatever would result in the cop shooting cop during an alleged domestic disturbance call in Montague County a couple of months back. Result: No billed (as seen below). But I loved the DA using the "speaks volumes" phrase. 
  • That same grand jury also didn't even indict the officers who shot the guy who killed the police dog of the Wise County Sheriff's Office. I didn't even know that was going to be considered. Hey, someone do an open records request for all videos about that incident since the case is now closed. He was shot 12 times.


Wurdkyle said...

So the females in the house get worked up over reality tv, and you get worked up over fox news?

Makes sense. Very similar programming.

Both portray fiction as if it were reality to their respective, clueless audience.


Anonymous said...

A little FLAT today, eh Barry?

And I'm not just talking about the picture.

Anonymous said...

Stage 1 thinkers like Barry don't understand that raising the minimum wage eliminates jobs.

Katy Anders said...

I just want to put the word out that I will agree to "like" someone's page for the low, low price of $10.

Unless you're Hillary Clinton or Rick Santorum, in which case I'll charge $20.

Anonymous said...

8:52, you are a mindless sheep.

And on the subject of minimum wage, do any of you even realize that food waitstaff are exempted from the law. the 'minimum wage' for restaurant waiters and waitresses is a little over $2.00 per hour.

So the next time you buy a $50 meal and leave a $1.00 'tip', just understand you may as well have pissed on the head of the person who just 'served' you.

Don't like to 'tip'. Then quit bitching about the 'minimum wage' and start supporting - at the very least - the repeal of that exemption.

Anonymous said...

The M F should have been shot 30 times.

mzchief said...

Here are the problems with raising minimum wage to $15 per hour.

1. High school students and non-high school graduates, currently making minimum wage, will no longer be qualified for a minimum wage job, due to the fact more qualified people will take those jobs. Minimum wage jobs have always meant to be entry level positions. If someone, by the age of 22, hasn't acquired skills that enable them to earn more than a 16yr old, that's not an employer's problem and certainly isn't a consumer's problem.

2. Raising minimum wage to $15 will not raise anyone's standard of living. There's a reason a bag of McDonald's has always cost approx a dollar more than minimum wage. How much more will groceries, restaurant meals, clothing, fuel cost if minimum wage goes to $15. per hour? The cost of labour is always passed on to the consumer.

You do know who actually benefits from an increase in minimum wage? The government gets an automatic increase in revenue the instant a worker is paid more. Employers, typically, pay approximately an additional 40%, of what is paid in salary, in employer taxes which include FICA, Medicare, Fed & State unemployment ins. It is NEVER a good thing for money to be taken out of the private sector and put into the government machine. Diminishing the revenue flow in the private sector actually contracts the economy as a whole. Countries with low economic growth always have a disproportionately high government employment.

Government will always spend every dollar it gets. In the case of the United States, it will spend .40 cents MORE than every dollar it gets from Americans.

If individuals want to earn more and make a "living wage" let them obtain marketable skills that allow them to qualify for jobs that pay a living wage.

Anonymous said...

Pay them $15.00 per/hour. A big Mac would cost $12.00, so either consumers stop buying them, leading to the unemployment of these very workers and a more healthy America.

Anonymous said...


You're not funny.

At least in the beginning your fake wordkyle schtick was original

Now you're like a sub-par rage (who isn't funny or very original either)

Maybe if you ask nicely Triple Fake can give you some free comedy lessons

Anonymous said...

Im sorry, where you talking? (Mzchief)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mzchief, that was a very good post.

Anonymous said...

Love it when the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

Look out: Local CBS 11 has picked up the arrest of the lady...

Only the old, elderly or clueless watch local TV news. You fit into two of those categories, Barry Green.

And I will never forget Southpark's Eric Cartman

Oh look at you, Barry. You can quote from an 18 year old cartoon. You're so edgy, Barry, and by edgy I mean you have a total lack of self awareness. Dear lord you are lame.

Anonymous said...

10:21 -

Care to explain how "old" and "elderly" differ?

Also, pretty sure I'd rather watch local news for info on weather, local sports, or local government than Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. But I guess I'm old, elderly, or clueless.

Since I'm also old, elderly, or clueless, can you tell me what the appropriate passage of time is for me to eradicate pop-culture references from my general use? 12 months after the reference happens/premieres? 3 years? 5 years?

Also, since apparently I'm going full hipster, what brand of mustache wax do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

So what restaurant do you work at, 9:24? And why are you so bitter about it?

Anonymous said...

The whole "fake Twitter follower" thing is likely a non-issue. I guarantee that if you looked at any famous person's Twitter followers, you'd find tons of "fake" accounts.

Heck, I'm a seriously un-famous guy with a little over 300 followers and I get 1-2 "fake" accounts following me every week.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, 9:58. The Wurdkyle bit has become a beating. Fortunately, his/her comments stand out, so they're easy to just skip over.

Katy Anders said...

10:33: There is never a bad time to use pop culture references.

If anyone tells you different, just say, "Stop. Hammer time!" and start dancing around with a smile on your faxcer.

Works for me.

Sam Brows said...

I have to disagree about society in general NEEDING people like that goofball lady who has clearly taught her son that police officers are to be loathed and never trusted. No doubt she is also the one who yells the loudest when her 911 call doesn't result in the immediate placement of officers on her front door step. What we could use is for most people to have a little more of her in them, just enough to temper authority that tries to run amuck, instead of letting that authority run out of control. Saying that we need her is kind of like saying that race relations NEED an Al Sharpton or a Jeramiah Wright, which is all kinds of jacked up. Whenever any one single individual has that much hate inside them (or in the case of Sharpton, perhaps, that much oil and grime), it doesn't translate well. At that level the resistance just breeds a willingness to amp up the confrontation by the other side and that's not win-win.

If we spent a dollar trying to buy "like" votes on Facebook, the person responsible for the purchase ought to be tarred and feathered. What a stupid waste of money.

...and the Rangers lost big again last night, this time to the hapless Angels. All Hail the Reign of Jon Daniels!

Anonymous said...

9:24 - Everyone already knows that.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Sorry to burst your bubble Barry but this is priceless. Britney without Autotune!!

Katy Anders said...

Quoting myself: "start dancing around with a smile on your faxcer."

Does anyone here know where my faxcer is?

Anonymous said...

Run the illegals out of the country and the lower supply of labor and the demand for American citizens to replace the Mexicans will drive wages up. Of course you will have to pay more for products, including housing, produced by legal workers. But your taxes will be lower because there will be fewer citizens being fed and supported by the government.

Anonymous said...


The dog ate it.

Triple Fake... said...

"Triple Fake can give you some free comedy lessons"


I don't mind if some of you worship from afar, but for lessons you should probably study at the dojo of Katy-san. I think she's got a better handle on the whole humor-is-Zen school of thought

Anonymous said...

Katy @ 11:29... Between your nose and your upper lip?

You know, I've come to respect (although not always agree with) your comments here to the extent that I assumed faxcer was a real word! I don't know if that makes you trustworthy or me stupid. (It's probably a little of both.)

Anonymous said...

Texas Town Experiences 61% Drop in Crime After Firing Their Police Department. [And saving taxpayers $200,000 per year]

"As points out, over 70 communities in Harris County and most of the major management districts have contracted with SEAL. They’re less expensive, better at crime prevention, they do not target citizens for revenue, and, best of all, each officer is personally accountable for his or her actions."


Anonymous said...

9:24, You are speaking to Hillary aren't you?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Katy, if you are looking for additional staff to work for your "Facebooklikeforhire" business, then sign me up!

(of course, I will only work for $15/hr.)

Anonymous said...


If you do not want to stop in a dark area, slow down, pull to the right and activate your hazards. You can continue to drive until you reach the next well lit area.

Don't do this in Wise County or they'll order you out of the vehical with your hands up and give you a citation for "Fail to yield Emerg Vehicle" a $300+ fine.

Anonymous said...

You talk about cherrypicked grand juries and you're surprised one in Montague County no-billed cops? In other breaking news, water is wet.

Anonymous said...

I just want to put the word out that I will agree to "like" someone's page for the low, low price of $10.

Unless you're Hillary Clinton or Rick Santorum, in which case I'll charge $20.- Katy

Stop trying to steal my bit!

p.s. I still love you, Jane.

DF Mike Snyder

Anonymous said...

They don't pay for likes but they do pay persons with thousands of fake Facebook accounts to sit there and post likes on Hillary. That's the way the DNC rolls. Part of that $2.5 billion they are planning to spend dogging the good guys and the American public!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are unable to get Try using another browser. My firefox automatically updates and the security certificate for is no longer acceptable. So now I have to open it in chrome if I need it.

Anonymous said...

That firefighter who punched grandpa apparently seems to always find trouble.