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Holy Cow!!!: That Earlier Video Was Actually From Wise County!!!

In a convoluted post earlier, I had a video showing a woman verbally challenging the cops. It was in Wise County! She was arrested!

Here's a Facebook page for the group "copblocker" (funny) and they are not happy.  There's a video which appears to be a calm, yet tense, confrontation with law enforcement at the Wise County SO. They are saying the arrest is by Rhome PD but I haven't confirmed this. Edit: Confirmed. The jail's website says that Rhome PD is the arresting agency.

Here are the charges from the jail's website. "Obedience Required To Police Officer"? That exists? I'll admit it: I've never heard of that. I had to look it up. It's a Class C ticket offense that reads: "Sec. 542.501.  OBEDIENCE REQUIRED TO POLICE OFFICERS AND TO SCHOOL CROSSING GUARDS.  A person may not wilfully fail or refuse to comply with a lawful order or direction of: (1)  a police officer . . . ."  A "lawful order"? What about "you need to stop talking?"

Rhome PD better hope the metroplex stations have something else to cover over the next couple of days. This wasn't the best time for police to be in the news.

Here is the lady's Facebook page.

Credit: Bud Kennedy for the tip.