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I Referenced The Aaron Hernandez Jury Deliberation This Morning And They Immediately Gave Us A Verdict

I'm guessing it was an automatic sentence without a punishment phase.

And to think this was the news less than three years ago:

After the verdict some of his past ironic tweets began to be reposted:

As well as some old poorly worded ones from former teammates:

And this one today from a former Baylor player, which was certainly written with good intentions, struck me as odd. Happy that you haven't killed someone and convicted? Happy you haven't been killed?


Anonymous said...

Butt secks for life!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bu...

You are losing it buddy.

Several of those tweets are from December....of 2011.

That is like 3+ years ago. Do the math...NO!!!....WAIT!!! DON'T DO THE MATH BU.....I BEG YOU....DON'T DO THE MATH!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

In light of the murder conviction of Mr. Hernandez today, I am suspending him for two games. A harsh action by the NFL, but necessary.

DF Roger Goodell
Yep, I'm tough.

Anonymous said...

Football players are not so much for waxing philosophical.

Anonymous said...


Most definitely.

Double Fake Jason Kidd