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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I mentioned the other day that I thought SMU coach Larry Brown looks and sounds like he has health problems. Yesterday there was confirmation that he was ill. And I'm not sure there is not more to it.  
  • If you got out of your car at 8:01 in Decatur this morning, you got rocked by thunder and lightning and rain which seemed to come out of nowhere. 
  • A guy in Fort Worth was held in contempt and jailed yesterday by Judge Wayne Salvant for "taking pictures of the jury."  Man, this is a great First Amendment issue (taking a photo qualifies as "speech".) What if the photos were taken in the hallway? I don't think there is a law against that and how could it be constitutional if there were? It's a public courtroom. I'm allowed to go in and see the jury and even learn their names if I was there for jury selection. But I can never take a juror's picture? What about if I do it next year in a public place? What if I'm a victim's family member and I'm doing it because I'm proud of the jurors? 
  • And another issue about that case is that it sounds like the judge demanded that the guy turn over his phone so it could be searched for the photos. We know the police can't do that without a warrant and a judge is no different. 
  • Mrs. LL and I will dramatically hand over the TV remote to the other after either of us feels like we've monopolized it for too long or we know the other is wanting to watch something. 
  • Had the oddest experience two days ago when I passed a guy while jogging (he was walking) and he was very loudly singing, "Can't you see? Can't you see? What that woman . . . has done to me." Surprisingly, his voice was fantastic. Mrs. LL said that some vocalist practice while walking. I was thinking he just ended a relationship. Perhaps both?
  • Looked up that song which I hadn't heard in a while. It had a 61 second musical intro and lasted 6:05. You don't see that today. 
  • The Update has an item today about a 56 old lady (and first time offender) who was given a two year "deferred" sentence and placed on five years probation for simple drug possession. I'm nitpicking but "deferred" is the wrong word. I think you meant to say it was a two year sentence in the State Jail probated and suspended for five years. (But this bullet point is the equivalent of someone pointing out spelling errors on Random Thoughts, and I'd delete it if I hadn't spent so much effort on it.)
  • I love Junior Miller on The Ticket but he says the dumbest things sometimes. Today he cited a Channel 8 "Text Poll" on whether the public supported the Cowboys signing of Greg Hardy. The results were 93% against and 7% for. He was surprised. I was surprised he thought the poll had any credibility. A poll which requires the respondents to take action in order to respond will always end in a result that favors the most emotionally based response. Who was more likely to take the effort to text in? Those for or those against the signing? It would be those who are angry. 
  • That Hillary email "scandal" lasted about as long as I thought it would. (Completely irrelevant side note: You've got some serious name recognition when someone can be refer to you by your first name only.) 
  • Dale Hansen made national news yesterday for his "Unplugged" segment which is the reason he did it in the first place.  Many agreed with me yesterday with someone on the radio even saying, "How in the world did Dale Hansen become the moral authority for DFW?"
  • A Northwest ISD student was in class this week despite writing a fictional story which was violent and sexual in nature and which included the names of his classmates. Some want him removed.  Isn't this another First Amendment issue?  Can a kid write fiction without any threat of actually acting out on that fiction and be free from punishment by the government? The answer has to be "yes", right? 


Anonymous said...

I am thinking that name recognition may not necessarily be that good.....Adolph...etc...the same for Monica Lewinsky's old lover's wife.

Anonymous said...

Maybe its the sign at the courtroom door stating cellphones must be turned off and using cellphones is not allowed in the courtroom. Why you got to turn this into a 'rights' thing?

Anonymous said...

I had a secret clearance while serving in the armed forces in Germany. From my background I know it is plain stupid and illegal to put classified information on your personal computer/email. Of course the Clintons are exempt from the legal and moral rules of our society. Barry sees politics like he sees Baylor football. He is a fanatic, supporting his political party at all costs and with absolutely no respect for the Constitution, laws or moral values.

Anonymous said...

Man you climate change deniers are a-holes. I understand that you think an invisible man in the sky controls the climate, but can't you just keep your idiocracy to yourselves?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how that Northwest ISD student would feel if a classmate wrote a fictional story about pre-empting the violence by blowing up that little bastard's house and killing him and his family? It would, of course, be fiction.

Anonymous said...


You think it's OK for someone in open court to photograph jurors? Then students to write violent and sexual papers using classmates names?
Yet, you draw the line at open carry gun laws and republican politicians who push the "we have the right" agenda based on whatever constitutional right they believe is infringed upon?
I'm not even going to start the liberal democratic accusation wheel, that WILL follow.

It's just rampant in this society, everyone's agenda occupies the space between the ears. The only true rights that most of us should support or exercise is the right NOT to invade or encroach other peoples rights by feeling entitled to exercise our own.

My thinking is not unique and is near impossible to implement but the current societal response is warlike, confrontational and solves nothing....

Anonymous said...

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

wordkyle said...

Nice try on the Hillary Clinton e-mail debacle. Even the usual in-the-tank mainstream media are covering it. I figure the story has legs in large part because the Obama gang are feeding it. Oh, and Hillary very well could have committed treason (selling SoS-level influence to foreign governments for "donations" to the Clinton Foundation?) using her private server. There's that.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should march on down to Judge Salvants courtroom and express your opinion on his rules. Lets see how big your cajones really are?
DF Saul

Anonymous said...

9:21, Please explain the difference between Climate Change and Global Warming. Stop trying to rename a wheel that is always flat on one side.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Troll is going to try and dangle a Dr. from her puppet strings. Megalomaniacs have a shelf-life, even in Decatur.

Anonymous said...

9:21, I would have thought Al Gore was too important and busy selling snake oil than to read this blog and respond.

Triple Fake... said...

I heard that Marshall Tucker song a couple of weeks ago for about the thousandth time. Either he was singing it wrong or you quoted it incorrectly (more probable!). Pretty sure that at no time during the song does the singer say "What that woman . . . has done to me". It's: "what that woman...she been doin' to me".

You may think the Hillary e-mail controversy has died down, but if she enters the Prez race, that thing will turn around and take a sizable chunk out of her drab-colored pantsuit.

What are the consequences for a high school student who says the same things as written in the essay? Spontaneously in an auditorium full of others.
Are you exempted from terroristic/sexual charges if those thoughts are premeditated?
He might have a little wiggle room if he had made it completely fictional, but he used actual people he knew. Hellooo? Aren't there several (metaphorical) bells going off right now?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:39

Oh it's the same thing, buddy. Scientists had to change the name because the word "warming" was throwing off the dummies. Dumb people didn't understand how we were still having winter if the Earth was "warming." lol

Anonymous said...

+1 9:33 & 9:24

WFS' courtroom, I'm sure you know, clearly says no cellphone or recording devices.

If someone in the defendant's gallery is snapping pics of the jury panel, it's not unreasonable that the jurors might construe that as potential intimidation.

Similarly, if jurors returns to LaGrave field to find a helpful middle eastern gentleman 'guarding' their vehicles with an AK-47 (the public possession and display of which is lawful), the context would incline that toward intimidation as well.

Circumstances matter. The sophomore in the house could tell you that your hypotheticals are, well...sophomoric.

Anonymous said...

I noticed on 287 this morning that DISD has purchased a billboard with a school board members child on it. What a perfect example of wasting our tax dollars.

Anonymous said...


The problem was that many people get confused by the term "warming.

See, carbon builds up in our atmosphere over thousands of years, trapping heat. After thousands and thousand of years the earth naturally corrects this heating by plunging into an ice age. We weren't do another ice age for thousands of years, but because humans have sped up the release of carbon into the air thru factories, cars, cattle, etc, instead of plunging into an ice age way way in the future, it's probably going to happen in your grandchildren's lifetime.

So, because an ice age is the actual threat caused by global warming, scientists changed it to climate change so that people who don't do any research might stop making such wild, inaccurate claims.

Please don't comment on this Wordkyle. I'm having a good day and I don't want to here about what Foxnews told you to think on the subject. You're wrong, and you obviously do not care about the world you are leaving your children by denying climate change exists just because you first heard about it from Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

"A guy in Fort Worth was held in contempt and jailed yesterday by Judge Wayne Salvant for 'taking pictures of the jury.' "

So if it's OK to photograph jurors, what about cameras in the court room?

If you say he can do it, then a camera in the court room should show jurors.
Does that follow?

Anonymous said...


You're so ideologically invested in your own point of view that you couldn't see contrary evidence if it flew up your nose.

C'mon, starting your mini-rant by labeling people with whom you disagree as "deniers"
is childish beyond belief. You're not gonna win converts like that

Anonymous said...

Wow 10:34-------

That's some serious understanding you have mastered of a complex system. I'm impressed.

Can you tell me whether it's gonna rain next Thursday?

Anonymous said...

@10:34 AKA the smartest Man in the Room

What is this mechanism that takes a warming planet and "plunges" it into an ice age? And if earth knows it has to correct, why does it follow that it will over correct?

You whole science theory is so convoluted, surely you're just doing a comedy routine?

wordkyle said...

1034 - Cute. But I have a question. Why has the planetnot been warming for nearly two decades, and why didn't the computer models predict the hiatus?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

First Amendment Rights stop when they interfere with other Rights.

Re: The Marshall Tucker Band - Ahhh, that's right in Mike Honcho's wheelhouse. And "Can't You See" is indeed a classic... spent a few hours a yonker learning to play guitar jamming to that song.

Here are Mike Honcho's Top 5 Marshall Tucker Songs:

5.) Fire On The Mountain - Great Shuffle Rhythm, Corny Lyrics, but fun.
4.) Holding On To You - A Solid. Doug Gray's voice is just awesome on this.
3.) Heard it in a Love Song - The song by the MTB "everyone knows but doesn't remember the band"
2.) Keeps Me From All Wrong - A terrific Song! extra points for great steel guitar.
1.) Can't You See - The other "song everyone knows but doesn't remember the band."

Honorable Mentions;

Take the Highway
Searchin' For a Rainbow

DF Toy Caldwell

Anonymous said...

9:21, I am not claiming that climate changes. It's been happening since day one, but not because of man's activities. Can you please for once tell me how by paying a carbon tax will adjust the weather to where it won't change and be at a comfortable temperature all year round? And who do I pay this tax that has the power to adjust the weather?

Anonymous said...

Now Clinton has committed treason?

Let Israel sell our secrets and demand we keep sending them trillions of dollars, but worry that Clinton's foundation received some money. Right.

Anonymous said...

Could the RTG not wait to use a public restroom?

Anonymous said...

The earth is large. It's weather system is massive and complex. You and your climate change scientists understand it all completely.

A cup of coffee is small. Should be easy to figure out if it is good or bad for the human body. But every 12 months or so, the scientific community shares with us a new report on coffee and their new findings that completely contradict their last report.

Until they can make up their mind on a cup of coffee, I don't want to hear their "facts" on climate change.

Anonymous said...

I have had enormous amounts of beer or white wine with Dake Hansen on about 5 or 6 times due to charity organizing events. He is funny and engaging but truly has the biggest ego I have ever seen and he is a total and complete shitbag.

wordkyle said...

1116 - I didn't say Clinton committed treason. But if she did, it was simplified with her having her own private server.

P.S. If the once 4th in line of succession to the presidency, and potential next president, was selling influence to foreign governments, then yeah, it's bigger than another nation spying on us.

Anonymous said...

The winter kept Al Gore snowed in for a couple of months...but I see his minions are still around. Meteorological data confirms that we are not in a climate change cycle....with the exception of the data used by Al to get his Nobel Peace prize which the scientists who framed the model admitted that the data was somewhat skewed. Hopefully, Al will invent another world wide web since our government is getting involved in his old one.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle...The earth has been continuously warming for the past 30 years. Where do you get your information that it has not warmed for nearly two decades? Looking at all the different info on the net, from both left wing and right wing sources as well as neutral studies and hard data, it appears you are doing the same bit the Obama admin is doing regarding unemployment numbers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And Dick Cheney helped out an undercover spy. That's one heartbeat away from the presidency. I know you don't believe he did it, but if you think Scooter Libby did anything on his own, well, you're as dumb as I think you are. And if anyone (Benghazi) in the Obama cabinet had (Benghazi) done such a thing (Benghazi), Republicans and you would be screaming for years (Benghazi).

Anonymous said...

NOAA employees are bought and paid for. Historical temperatures have been manipulated. What they cannot lie about is that out of record high temperatures for the 50 States, over half have records that date back to the decade of the 1930's. Only one record high State temperature has been broken in the past 20 years. It seems that occasionally a record would be broken if the world is warming.

Decatur had a TOTAL of only three days last year that had a temperature that reached 100 degrees.

Anonymous said...


You see it is like this.
The productive people that get up every morning, drink their coffee (which we have been told this week is bad for us), head off to work and put in the daily grind, will be penalized for consuming fossil fuels.
Now the Portlandia and the San Francisco on the Colorado (Austin) crowd that chooses to ride their bikes or take public transportation to the methadone clinic or pot dispensary, will not be "taxed" and will be furthering the advancement to the Utopian society that Barry and the rest of the moonbats extoll --the society where productive people and corporations will have to pay more of their "fair" share to support the leading, virtuous members of said Utopia.
Hope this clears some of the misconception up.

I am not Sam but I love green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:22

Your link is from That website is a joke. It's run by Marc Morano, who get's all of his info from TV meteorologists.

Let me tell you from my years working in local TV news, those guys are NOT scientists. They are fratboys who wanted the easiest job on TV.

Why don't all you ignorant rednecks go comment on a conservative blog? Why are you here? Just to tortue yourselves? I know Kyle's on here because he has no friends, but some of ya'll must have something better you can do?

Go shake your fists at the neighbor's kids who keep walking on your lawn or whatever it is that old angry white men do.

Anonymous said...


9:21 here

Don't forget, I didn't just call you a denier, I also said you were a dummy.

Just wanted to make sure you didn't miss that.

wordkyle said...

1229 -"Dick Cheney helped out an undercover spy." You'll have to show your work on that one. Clinton's private server and communication system is well-documented. So is the fact of the Clintons accepting foreign money. They are hiding the scope of their activities. Even the MSM agree on that. Your claim is less (or not) documented.

Anonymous said...

12:32 Your argument is equivalent of saying "It's snowing in San Antonio, I told you global warming was a lie"! You are just cherry picking record data and refusing to look at the overwhelming trend. The shear amount of data compiled by global scientists and global universities means nothing to you? It is just a massive global conspiracy of "bought and paid for" scientists?

I am not saying I would trust the Obama admin for a second on dealing with global warming, but it is time for all conservatives to get their heads out of the sand and realize this is real. It is an issue that affects everyone in the world; time to grow-up and think about your children’s future.

11:54 Mark Morano is nothing more than a Limbaugh disciple with Poly Science degree making money off dimwits like you. Speaking of "bought and paid for"! Why you would trumpet his assessment of our global climate over that of real scientists is beyond me! You sir are double dumb. I suppose you would have Glenn Beck perform surgery on you and have Sean Hannity review your portfolio? There is money in perpetuating ignorance…far more for folks like Mark Morano than any one individual scientist.

Anonymous said...

We are here to torture you! Moron! We know that the truth is in direct conflict with your Utopian view of the world. And when we invade your liberal enclaves, it makes you lefties crazy! And we love that. You guys are so easy to get twisted off. Keep it coming nut boy!

Anonymous said...

12:58, I think a better question is, why are you here?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look up the word "tortue" while I wait for the neighbor's kids to get home from school.

Anonymous said...

9:21 is an example of a mind capable of understanding basic information, but Incapable of deep thought.

Anonymous said...


You are basing your argument over a time span of 2 decades?


Climate changes span thousands of years. Two decades doesn't even count as a bathroom break.

Do you deny that there was an Ice Age?(other than the movie, of course)

Anonymous said...


This is why you disgust me. You insert the the word "may" to remove yourself of any responsibility, but you flow right into the hot button of "committed treason"

You, sir, are nothing more than the stick that churns the shit.

Anonymous said...

No, a student cannot write threats and then say it was just fictional writing! What a stupid defense, Counselor!

In schools, we have zero tolerance for terroristic threats. When one student says or writes that he or she will harm another or kill another, etc, that is such a threat. It is not a freedom of speech "thing." It is a factor of protection for ALL the young lives in the school or for those whose life was/is threatened.

That student should not have been returned to the classroom until the end of the semester, and only then if he truly expressed remorse.

Don't threaten kids in the school my kid attends and expect me or any other parent to "toss it off" as "fictional writing."


Anonymous said...

Nice 12:41

wordkyle said...

1258 - NASA acknowledged in 2009 that the earth had been cooling since 1998. The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2014 report acknowledged a warming "hiatus" since 1998. So a claim made that "the earth has been continuously warming for the past 30 years" is rebutted by the so-called top authorities. Who's the denier now?

Scientists rush to "explain" the hiatus, yet I don't recall anyone fifteen years ago saying that the earth might not actually warm up for the next decade or two.

Global warming alarmists have proven much more adept at justifying why their computer models don't match reality, than they have at accurately predicting the future. A healthy skepticism of their claims is warranted.

wordkyle said...

118 - "It is just a massive global conspiracy of "bought and paid for" scientists?"

Well, yes. Politicians have a desire to control more and more of their constituents' lives, and global warming legislation/regulation allows them to do that under the guise of paternalism. Government funds are awarded to scientists who support them in their quest for power, and denied to scientists who refute the argument. Researchers are much more likely to arrive at conclusions that will guarantee them funding.

Anonymous said...


Man, I'd give up half of my pinky finger just to see what you look like. Then again I've been to wal-mart plenty of times so I think I have a pretty good idea.

-nut boy from 12:58

Anonymous said...

11:18, I don't think that you know what is happening in the Gore community. People like myself who do not believe in global warming have acquired a data base of all the temperature readings for the U.S. and have compared these temperatures and graphs to those of the Gore community and it shows that they have manipulated the data set.

And I do not think that the lack of any broken record high temperatures for the 50 states is a small thing. In a warming period, when and if it occurs in our lifetime, those records will be bested.

All the promises that Gore promised such as no snow for skying, rising sea levels, melted Arctic, etc. have not occurred and are not occurring. The North Pole did melt in the 1950's when the USS Skate surfaced in open water there and was photographed. I can only imagine how much you would celebrate that happening now and claiming it to be proof of global warming. It will occur again and again but not due to global warming.

When the benchmark for mean sea level that was scratched into stone around 1840 at the Isle of the Dead is submerged by raising sea levels, then Gore can say "I told you so". It has been at the same level since the English sea captain marked it. Read and digest this in your spare time:

You can call us all stupid but some of us have studied physics in college, have degrees, are science nerds and spend a lot of our spare time gaining more knowledge.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty easy to be in favor of someone's right to write a violent and sexual story...until it specifically mentions and is referring to, let's's wife or daughter specifically.

Anonymous said...

I hate to detract from this great debate, but climate change is not our greatest environmental threat.

Non toxic fresh water will determine our short term survival, which for 300 million Americans is estimated at about 40 years.

Famine and disease may well eliminate much of the population, if we don't first self destruct using weaponry.

Even rain water is tainted with toxins from air pollution and underground aquifers are being polluted and drying up. Desalination causes another host of problems.

We will be drinking recycled waste water within the next decade, if we're not already.

I have heard it said that the wars of the 21st century will be fought over water.

wordkyle said...

143 - Well, you seem to certainly be well-stirred up. The reason I said "may" is because Clinton removed the possibility of government oversight of her activities. The Obama administration has just shrugged in response to their ignorance. As I said, the Clintons' activities have been documented, yet the scope of those activities are kept them.

137 - If the scope of climate change is thousands of years, then why is your cutoff arbitrarily set at five decades, or six, or seven? Moreover, climate change alarmists' dire predictions are based on computer models, yet those same models failed to predict the current lack of warming. Why are their predictions supposedly accurate, yet fail to predict reality?

mzchief said...


I'm pretty sure it's no great accomplishment to be known only by a first name. However, it seems like that's the best Hillary fans can site when giving praise to Hillary.

Seems that Obama's meddling in Israeli politics and acting like a pouting spoiled brat has kicked Hillary from the headlinese, for now. Hillary's intentional obfuscation of her State Dept. e-mails will again be headline news, especially since 54% want a 'fresh face' in 2016, not Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Seldom get a laugh on here but 12:41, that's funny, I don't care who you are.

Sherlock the Sheeple Hound said...

I'm confused. Is the global warming gonna kill us all? How fast? Or will we survive the warming only to have our asses handed to us by the ice age that results from the global warming?

I gotta tell you folks, I'm scared. Really, really terrified. But do I get another air conditioner for the warming? Or a few heaters for the ice age? And would it be prudent to raise a few sheep to make some wool sweaters? And what do I do if the sheep get too hot before I need the sweaters? Can you air-condition sheep? Or would it affect the quality of the wool?

So yea, put me down for that carbon tax thing. That seems to be my only hope here. It's not like I actually know how to knit anyway

Anonymous said...

That girl standing in the water up there seems to have a nice rack but I bet if she wasn't strategically holding them up with her arms like that they'd sag pretty bad

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's no great accomplishment to be known only by a first name.

Just because people call you 'bitch' doesn't mean it's really your name.

Anonymous said...

Meddling, MzChief? Doesn't Israel come here to beg for our action? And even harder for our money? Damn Jews killed Jesus.

Anonymous said...

@nut boy
You're making fun of the folks that shop at Walmart? They are beneath you somehow? Where is your all-inclusive liberal do-gooder love for the underclasses of the world. Hypocrite. Typical Liberal.

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sachs will be the brokers for carbon credits.

How does that make everybody feel?

Anonymous said...


Like we done been had?

Anonymous said...

...police can't do that without a warrant and a judge is no different.

You sure about that? Who signs a warrant? Why, a judge, of course.

As well, in the instant case it appears no warrant is required under exception 6: Evidence that can be easily moved, destroyed or otherwise made to disappear before a warrant can be issued may be seized without a warrant.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! Some are listening. There are so many issues I have already presented here on this blog. I don't have the inclination to repeat. If you "really" want answers contact me here on this blog up to midnight.

Anonymous said...

NASA Assassinations

How many people have died to seal their lips, keeping secrets the elite do not want revealed to the public? Per the Zetas – hundreds.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/7/2015: Working on projects that are either dealing with national security secrecy issues or under an ongoing cover-up has always been risky. The cover-up over the existence of Nibiru, its arrival in the inner solar system in 2003, and its pending passage has resulted over the years in the death of hundreds of astronomers or those who worked in the astronomy community. Hastings was killed to silence him on these matters. Those at the helm of the Global Warming fraud have murdered scientists likely to reveal the fraud.

NASA scientists are certainly aware of the cover-up over the alien presence and the approaching passage of Nibiru. How could they not? In that a number of Earth’s billionaires (Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson) are trying to fly to the Moon or Mars to evade the pending Pole Shift, and often working hand in hand with NASA on these privately funded projects, NASA scientists are certainly aware of the elite’s attitude toward the common man. They, the elite, are privy to information on the pending passage, but the common man must remain ignorant as the elite do not want their messy panic. In late 2013 the savage stabling death of Carol Armbruster, an astronomer likely to reveal this attitude on the part of NASA was, per the Zetas, a warning.

Anonymous said...


MY cutoff, is thousands and thousands of years you moron.

And since "may" gives you a free pass, I'll use it myself.

I think you may be a bitter, old white gay man.

Anonymous said...


Did you even read this?

"You are basing your argument over a time span of 2 decades?


Climate changes span thousands of years. Two decades doesn't even count as a bathroom break."

And you talk about words people say, their usage, etc.

Maybe reading would be a skill for you to learn.

You are sofa king stupid sometimes.

Anonymous said...

A human/ET etc. to human/ET etc. reflection: JUST LEAVE US ALONE.

Anonymous said...

The sale of carbon credits is a scam. The haves and powerful, like Gore will continue to live high on the hog while the rest will pay for less. Progresive America at its best.

The rules are for the suckers.

Anonymous said...

4:36, In case you did not read the Bible, it was God that sent his Son (The Lamb of God) to be killed on the Day of Preparation just like the lambs that were being sacrificed on that day. Beginning with the Exodus from Egypt, it was the destiny of the Jews to carry out the sacrifice of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Salvant is a black judge who must have been raised in a poor neighborhood and picked on by whities. He has a poor attitude towards everyone, even attorneys on both sides and thinks that he is the king dingaling. He sure likes to flirt with the white female prosecutors too. He has been known to tell the accused that it is his turn to teach a lesson to the offender.

When he speaks to the families of the accused he is not any nicer.

Black man with an attitude..

DF Been there done that..

Anonymous said...

@8:10 You sir, are woefully uninformed and paranoid. I hope you get needed psychological help (before the ETs or boogie men find you).

wordkyle said...

832/840 - I don't know if your apparent dislike of me has made you incoherent, or if it's just a basic lack of language skills, but I can't understand what you're trying to say. Yeah, okay, sure, you don't like me, got it. But other than that, what?

Anonymous said...


Point out the incoherence instead of implying it. Point out the lack of basic language skills without implying it.

Implying the lack of knowledge of others is how you attempt to separate and elevate yourself about others on this blog.(IE, acting pompous)

You know exactly what I'm saying. You choose to play stupid, which is your right.

Anonymous said...

Sure, "they" agree with you on Hansen. All liberals are self-serving in the mind of the "theys" to which you are referring, who are conservative. You can't have your cake and eat it too, LL. There have to be those you "cover" even if their motives are impure. You're wrong on Hansen.

Anonymous said...

Love covers...

wordkyle said...

808/832/840 - Okay.

At 840 - You repeated what you wrote earlier word for word, then mention reading skills. No context for why the repeat, or why you questioned my reading skills.

At 832 - You say "MY cutoff, is thousands and thousands of years you moron." Again, no context or explanation of what you meant. Thus, the two statements were incoherent; i.e., incomprehensible, confusing, unclear

Now, since they dealt with something I wrote earlier, I'll clarify my own point. You claim that in the context of thousands and thousands of years, "two decades doesn't even count as a bathroom break." Yet the claims of manmade global warming use three decades as their basis (or five, or varies.) In the context of thousands and thousands of years, why are you able to arbitrarily claim that three decades is more significant than two?

(All moot anyway. My larger point was that global warming alarmists didn't predict the current lack of warming. The computer models failed -- again -- to predict an observable reality.)