Nothing Worse Than Hearing Someone Talk About Their Bracket But This Is My Blog!!!

My sports genius prediction:

And less than three hours into the tourney: WELP.

Well, I've still got Baylor to cheer for . . . . OH NO! (But this may be one of the greatest March Madness moments ever. The coach's son hits a crazy game winner as the coach with a blown Achilles falls off his chair in the background. He tore it last week celebrating a win with his son seconds after the game ended.):

Can't help but smile at this . . .

But that was an epic Baylor meltdown: "Georgia State . . .  trailed by 12 points with 2:39 remaining. Of the 262 NCAA tournament games since 2004 in which an underdog trailed by 10 or more points with 2:39 to go, only one (0.38 percent) went on to win the game. … Until Thursday, that is. And that one upset was a No. 4 seed over a No. 1 seed — so this is unprecedented in the past 11 years."