Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • To me, there's a distinct difference between the hacking of Sony and the threats if the movie was shown. The Interview was pulled because of the threats, not the hacking. The killing of the movie could have occurred because of the threats alone. 
  • But all of this North Korea controversy reminded me how shockingly funny Team America: World Police was. I remember talking to a Wise County prosecutor shortly after it came out. He thought the movie constantly made fun of liberals. I thought it constantly made fun of the Right Wing.  It actually did both.
  • The way ISIS has been quickly beaten back, they really were the J.V. A vicious little J.V., but the J.V. nonetheless. 
  • My outdoor Christmas lights have yet to  blow a single fuse or trip a single breaker. It only took me five years and a billion extension cords to get it right.
  • Mark Cuban is spending 90% of his time on social media this week promoting a silly app called Cyber Dust which is destined to fail. 
  • I get Slumped Shoulders when anyone involved in American sports yells "We just shocked the world. baby!" after a win.
  • The Star-Telegram has an editorial today encouraging a smooth transition between the outgoing and incoming Tarrant County DAs. What's the point of an editorial like that? Is there someone who desires the opposite? It's like encouraging civility during Christmas, respecting your neighbor, or safe driving. Not exactly a hot opinion. 
  • The Junior In The House had a female friend over last night and then two boys showed up.  (Ugh.) I was feeling pretty good about them until I went outside and realized they had arrived on skate boards. 
  • I'll be throwing up later after I read the new Texas Monthly article on Joe Jamail entitled, "The Greatest Lawyer Who Ever Lived."
  • Sports (1) Evil Empire news: I don't know who those two high school kids are, but the fact they announced they were signing with Texas caused my Twitter timeline to blow up this morning. (2) It looks like all the remaining Texas high school championship games will be broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest, (3) The Mavs trade for Rajon Rondo is the equivalent of going all in. If they don't win this year, it will be considered a stupid move. And they only win if Tyson Chandler stays healthy and Dirk doesn't peeter out. Good luck with all that.  (4) Watched the end of the Notre Dame/FSU again last night. Notre Dame got screwed. The announcers even incorrectly guessed at who was called for interference. Edit: The penalty wasn't on the receiver pushing straight back. It was on the receiver running the slant
  • Hey, they stole my catapult!!!! (If my catapult had turned into a functional monster)  . . .