Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The testimony yesterday from the ex-wife/co-defendant of the ex Kaufman County JP on trial for capital murder was beyond bizarre. Putting aside how she came across as almost happy to have memories of the killings, she fully admitted to assisting in the offense of capital murder. Now she has, at the very least, a guaranteed life sentence without the possibility of parole in her own trial. At worst, she'll get the death penalty. 
  • But didn't she have a deal with the prosecutors in exchange for her testimony? She said no. The prosecutors said no. So if a plea bargain is reached for anything other than life in prison, alarms are going to go off. As they should. 
  • There is now a threat of a 9/11 like attack of any theater which shows The Interview -- the comedy about a scheme to kill the leader of North Korea.  Don't movie theaters have a huge liability issue here? If a bomb goes off, you can just hear a Plaintiff's lawyer say, "You were warned that a theater would be blown up and you showed the movie any way?" And the only other option is to provide metal detectors and other over the top security -- not exactly conducive to a good movie going experience. Or a profit. 
  • When I first heard the premise of The Interview months ago, it made me uncomfortable. 
  • The catapult project for the Sixth Grader In The House must be made of one single coat hanger. 
  • The Family Cat decided to play basketball with a Christmas tree ball after we went to bed last night. I think her game went into overtime. 
  • I was confused that Deion Sanders wife was sentenced to seven days in jail for child custody violations during a hearing on a claim of defamation by Deion. Seems like those would be two separate cases. (At least that's the way it was reported.)
  • Nice book-in photo of her, by the way.
  • And regarding the defamation claim, the judge granted a temporary injunction against the ex-wife and "ordered her to remove any statements from social media or videos posted online by her or people connected to her that could be construed as damaging to her ex-husband." First, that's a very vague order. Second, I didn't think a judge could order the alleged defamatory material removed but that the only remedy was money damages. But in Texas, at least for now, a judge can do that. However, he can't order the defendant to not repost the same material in the future. It doesn't seem worth the effort. 
  • When anyone in the house hands me an Android phone, I might as well be reading Japanese. I don't understand either.
  • One thing I forgot to mention about The Reluctant Astronaut: The great Leslie Nielsen was one of the co-stars. If Don Knotts said something crazy, Nielsen would get that confused look on his face which later would become a staple of the Airplane and The Naked Gun movies. Funny. 
  • We could have Bush vs. Clinton in the next presidential election. Ah, America. Where anyone can grow up to be president.  Edit: I knew I read that yesterday but didn't remember it was commenter Katy.  The Liberally Lean Editorial Staff regrets this oversight. 
  • Texas penalty for abortion providers in 1879. If the mother died or the fetus had been viable, they weren't messing around.