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Wise County Scam Alert Update

Just got a call from a friend in Decatur who, this morning, almost had parents scammed in the exact same scheme I almost fell for. (Documented here in October.)

The M.O. was exactly the same: Call a kid's grandparents, pretend to be the grandson, claim to be in jail, ask for money via a special money card, and give instructions of "don't call my parents, please."


Fortunately, the grandparents did call my friend who had read about my experience.  Plot thwarted.

A quick Google search shows this scam has exploded in the last couple of years.

Edit: I'm trying to get the phone number of the scammers.


Anonymous said...

I am African King who needs help transferring 100,000 ounces of pure gold bars out of west africa..please contact my attorney Mr Green in Decatur Texas USA..for details...ain't Obamma great..

Anonymous said...

get us a phone number. was so fun jacking with them last time

Anonymous said...

Barry, we have control of your blog. Leave cash in a brown paper bag in the basement of the courthouse or else you'll never see a comment from Wordkyle again.

DF Wise County Courthouse Crabs

Anonymous said...

Anyone have connections with a collection agency? We should give them the number the scammer is using.

Anonymous said...

I could understand if this was an email or text. But how does someone actually speak to the person claiming to be their grandson and not realize they are being scammed by a complete stranger?

Anonymous said...

Do you think they are targeting Wise County due to the high population of retards?

Bear said...


How easy it is to sling mud. No balls asshole! If you don't like Wise County, stay the hell out. That includes your dipshit comments on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Get the phone number. Find the address it's being used from and a couple of ripple red or Pagan pink bottles of 93 octane with an old sock for a stopper ought to make them look for gainful employment.