Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Meant to mention yesterday: There was an arrest over the weekend in connection with the missing Fort Worth girl who disappeared after leaving the Shops of Legacy. That seemed like some pretty slim evidence they have against that guy. 
  • "It didn't take long for New York Magazine's story on a 17-year-old stock whiz with a rumored net worth of $72 million to make a splash. But the story's juicy premise unraveled almost as quickly." There sure have been a lot of screwups by major publications lately. Rolling Stone. Boston Globe. New York Magazine. 
  • There's nothing more ironic than Ted Cruz trying to jack with the Senate Rules in order to jack with the President only to now be blamed by fellow Republicans that his maneuver allowed the confirmation of 12 judicial appointees of the President. He's got a lot of Mark Cuban in him: Only believing he's the smartest man in the room.
  • Speaking of Cuban, he slighted Dallas City Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates in a series of emails.  Dude. She has "Staubach" in her name. You're in Dallas. Do the math.
  • I'm no expert in questionnaires, but whoever prepared the official questionnaire for Bridgeport High School students inquiring if they are interested in soccer doesn't want a soccer program. It might as well have asked, "Are you willing to give up everything that is dear and sacred to you in order to have a soccer program?" 
  • Did you see the video of the diabetic in Rockwall County who was just driving on the grass alongside the road? I'll give big kudos to the Constable who stopped him for his quick assessment of the situation. So many cops just assume alcohol or drugs are involved in a case like that, but he knew right away he was a diabetic. 
  • Bridgeport and Decatur Boys are both in the Top 25 in basketball
  • The Sandy Hook parents have sued the manufacturer of the AR-15 used in the school shooting because, the best I can tell, it was a perfectly functioning AR-15. 
  • A Cowboys thought: It's not probable, but Demarco Murray may have played his last game for the Cowboys. How? His injury keeps him out the last two games, the Cowboys lose both and miss the playoffs, they can't reach a contract with Dez Bryant so they use the franchise tag on him, and Murray goes somewhere else for bigger free agent bucks. 
  • Confusion in the Dallas Marathon: A female relay runner shot past the winner of the female full marathon division at the last second preventing the winner from receiving the satisfaction of snapping the tape. And it caused a question mark to form over the heads of the announcers.
  • Overnight: The Taliban stormed a school in Pakistan and killed 126.
  • Shoutout to a loyal reader (and a stranger) from Bakersfield, CA who sent me a Britney Spears DVD for Christmas. Yes, you read that correctly.