Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That gal who stormed off that spare Dallas talk show over the NFL gayness controversy didn't have any trouble appearing with male exotic dancers.
  • Sean Hannity had two of the four women of that talk show on last night and got mad at them since they both disagreed with him. He cut away from them by saying they should "Share a glass of wine and make some friends." That's a very dismissive Kathy Lee and Hoda comment. (Mrs. LL had to explain it to me.) 
  • Two doctors in Decatur were disciplined but it doesn't sound too bad. 
  • A highway most of us will never take is that new tollway between Fort Worth and Cleburne. It seems a little strange to me that it was even built. 
  • For those interested in criminal law, check out this story of a man who was found not guilty in Brownsville yesterday. How in the world was he charged with anything? 
  • The Sophomore in the House who just turned 16 is showing very little interest in getting her driver's license. That's one of the oddest thing I've ever seen. I kept a calendar counting down the days to my sixteenth birthday and took my driving test in Decatur on the day of. (The DPS office was in the basement of the courthouse at the time. )
  • This still exists: If you steal a penny or an aluminum can in Texas, it is a felony.
  • Nancy Grace wore a necklace adorned with a small set of handcuffs last night.
  • Lake Bridgeport broke the 22 foot low barrier yesterday.
  • The Ticket had Lucinda Williams, who is headlining a music festival in Fort Worth this weekend, on for an interview yesterday. I had never heard of her but they made it sound like I should know her. 
  • I don't know who the Bakersfield Blaze baseball team is, but the Supercat who saved the kid will throw out the first pitch at a game next week. (That is so 'merica that it hurts.)
  • The first item in the Update is a pronoun oddity. First, there is a reference to "White" with no first name. Then later in the story, there's the very casual reference to "Terri" and "Craig". EDIT: I'm not crazy. They changed it to add White's first name. It's not a big deal, but here's the original.