Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Michael Sam is drafted in the NFL, kisses his boyfriend, and Case McCoy expresses his displeasure (while not a single UT player gets drafted -- the first time since 1937). That's a lot to process.
  • Amazing: There is actually a daughter of a Civil War vet who is still alive and she receives $73.13 a month as a pension payment from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • The last of the Texas Aggie bonfire lawsuits have been settled nearly fifteen years after the incident. I suppose the check will cure all the pain now?
  • After the bonfire tragedy, I remember a very graphic picture of a kid with a mangled leg being on the cover of the Star-Telegram or the Morning News. But a quick Google images search didn't turn it up.
  • It took just 193 votes to become the mayor of Bridgeport. And only 34 was needed to get a place on the Newark city council.
  • I wrote myself in for the mayor of Bridgeport when I was eighteen and the Index revealed that at the end of an article on the election. My mom was not happy. 
  • The NFL Draft as always struck me as a modern day slave auction. A player goes to whichever picks him and he's stuck with a five year salary which basically isn't negotiable.
  • If this happened to Clarice Tinsley while she's reading Facebook on the air, my life would be complete. 
  • I had a family member tell me that I've really "lightened up" on my Random Thoughts since I became "domesticated". I don't think that's true at all. 
  • Hey, Baseball Nemesis: Ross loses again and Perez is so bad that he has to do a Rodney Dangerfield "Oh, my arm!" Caddyshack routine. 
  • Mrs. LL understands I've got a very weird desire for solitude. But it didn't come before she had lots of "Why does he just wander off sometimes?" moments. 
  • Some personal injury lawyer donates $1 million to the aTm School of Law and they put his picture on their home page looking like a mafia boss. 
  • The BagOfNothing guy dogged Cowboy draft pick and Baylor safety Ahmad Dixon predicting he'll get fined for a dirty hit and get arrested. Hey, he might be guilty of almost killing TCU wide receiver Trevone Boykin on the field, but there are no off the field character issues with that guy. 
  • Former Baylor player and perhaps the best receiver in the NFL, Josh Gordon, faces a year suspension for testing positive for marijuana (again).  The rule is idiocy but he's an idiot for getting caught. 
  • Uh, you can't be a male "and another" and then marry the sixteen year old to escape prosecution.