I Have Two Serious Questions

I saw this story of a judge striking down a city's requirement that someone take a drug test before being employed because it violates the Fourth Amendment. "The ruling is the third in the past year to invalidate drug testing policies in Florida. Last May, a federal appeals court invalidated a state-wide requirement that Florida employees be subjected to random drug testing. And in late December, a federal judge struck down blanket drug testing of Florida’s welfare applicants."

First Question: Why do conservatives get up in arms about decisions like this? They argue all the time against "big government" but when it comes to invasion of privacy, I tend to hear the tired old argument of "If you aren't doing nothing wrong, you shouldn't have anything to worry about." You hate the government taxing you but you don't care if they take your blood or urine without even a suspicion you use drugs?

Second Question: Anyone else surprised that Key West of all places had that policy?