Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Marshall (Texas) ISD transformed its seventh grade football program into flag football? I would have thought that would have received more press. 
  • What's keeping the NBA owners from voting to kick out Donald Sterling like the commissioner urged them to? Scared to be sued into oblivion? (Although they might after seeing how crazy he is in the interview with Anderson Cooper.) 
  • My news nemesis, Ann Curry (who I really don't talk about much anymore), broke her ankle on a mountain and had to be carried back by Boy Scouts last month. This has an episode of South Park written all over it.
  • Major League Baseball is being besieged with the need for pitchers to have Tommy John surgery  -- seventeen since the start of spring training. And news came yesterday that rising Miami Marlins phenom Jose Fernandez will be added to the list. 
  • Odd: Dallas PD tweeted last night that former assistant chief "Chief Greg Holiday critical missing & poss suicidal."
  • We had a visiting judge yesterday in district court who would do multiple pleas with multiple defendants at the same time. I'd never seen that before. 
  • NPR says Lake Bridgeport is over thirty feet low. Hey, it's bad but not that bad. 
  • Tiger Woods ex-wife takes nine years to graduate college and we're supposed to be impressed?
  • I got to break out the Makita drill last night to hang blinds and, amazingly, didn't screw anything up. 
  • "Porsche Sued Over Paul Walker Crash." Good grief. 
  • I'm not sure what I think about our response to the Nigerian schoolgirl kidnappings. Help, I suppose, but there's some type of crisis every day in all parts of the world. 
  • A house explodes while the cameras roll.
  • Arkansas had it's first gay marriage over the weekend and, you know, the two gals were borderline "Hey, Nows."