Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • For the last two nights, NBC Nightly News has lead or almost lead with a deadly virus outbreak in the Middle East which has shown up in a couple of places in the U.S.  They make is sound like a real life Outbreak could occur.
  • I heard lots of talk about the documentary Searching for Sugarman and even watched a segment on 60 Minutes about it. Now the director is dead at age 36. No cause released. 
  • When I see people in public, I just assume they are well adjusted and have it all together. I suspect many, perhaps most, have issues coping with life. And most of those probably keep that a secret from everyone except those closest to them. 
  • Karl Rove said Hillary Clinton had "brain damage" and White House spokesman Jay Carney actually had a good retort: "Here’s what I would say about cognitive capacity, which is that Dr. Rove was the last person in America on election night to recognize and acknowledge that the president won re-election." That was an all time great Fox News moment.
  • Mark Cuban thought it was so funny that his young child accidentally flipped the bird that he posted a picture of it. Can't stand the guy. I actually went on a rant about him last Sunday during Mother's Day lunch. 
  • I think one reason I despise Cuban is because he tries to win an argument fraudulently. He always challenges the other person with a question they couldn't possibly know the answer to and then acts superior when they can't. Case in point, he allegedly "schooled" Skip Bayless by asking him over and over again "How did we defend him?" after Bayless said one of the reasons the Mavs won the NBA Championship was that LeBron James simply disappeared. That would be like me "schooling" Justice Antonin Scalia by asking, "What is Judge Fostel's procedure for Motions to Suppress in the 271st Judicial District Court?"
  • Robert "Bob" Goode, who is buried in Bridgeport, was the number eight overall pick in the 1949 NFL draft. 
  • When an Appraisal District's change a land's value, they just do it across the board right? Like a 5% increase in one year for every home in the district  regardless of condition? They never go an actually look at property?
  • Over the last week, 21 of the 24 area lakes have risen because of the rain. Of the three who did not, Lake Bridgeport is one of them. 
  • College baseball (Stay with me here): Last night LSU beat Northwestern State 27-0 in a rain shortened game. It was also a no-hitter.
  • I think I may never hear from my Baseball Nemesis again as Matt Harrison got shelled last night and left the game with back pain.  Over the last 15 games, the Ranger starters have a 7.12 ERA. Edit with a fun fact: "Since July 1, 2012, when Blackley beat Darvish, Oakland is 24 1/2 games better than Rangers. Oak: 178-107. Rangers: 154-132"
  • "Wind gust sends ‘bounce house’ 50 feet in the air in upstate N.Y., seriously injuring 2 boys who tumbled to ground."
  • Alec Baldwin got arrested for riding his bike the wrong way on a Manhattan street. Seems insane.