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Why We Need Obamacare

(Source) A former Cirque du Soleil acrobat broke his neck instead of a world record when he attempted to flip through 10 panes of glass.  Jesus ‘Half Animal’ Villa, from Las Vegas, slammed head-first into the glass in July and has spent months in hospital recovering.  The daredevil now hopes to raise $100,000 to help pay for his ‘ultimate comeback’. He already had a successful operation in July this year and but needs help with the costs which would also cover nursing and physical therapy.

If a hard working American -- who just happens to be the worst at what appears to be a noble profession -- has to beg to get his medical bills paid then there's something wrong with this country.

(It's a good thing I didn't know about this before it happened. I'd bet big money that a guy named "Jesus" and "Half Animal" would have pulled it off.)