The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The President freed two Texans who were serving life sentences because of our insane War on Drugs.
  • A public relations challenged DA in Pennsylvania issued a press release announcing he had arrested Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer for Flying While Intoxicated )which explained why his nose was red.)
  • It's Constitutional Law 101 that "Freedom of speech" protects your from government sanctions but not private retribution. Yesterday Glenn BeckSarah Palin, and even Ted Cruz didn't understand that as they cited free speech in the Duck Dynasty controversy.
  • And that Duck Dynasty controversy turned into a beat down yesterday. Still the best thing that ever happened for that show and A&E.
  • In what must have been an afternoon delight, the Wellington Skyrockets won the Class 1A Division II state title yesterday at Cowboys Stadium. (Rimshot followed by "rock me")
  • The Sophomore in the House came in with oversized sunglasses outlined with flashing Christmas lights. I asked her, "Who are you, Elton John?" Her response: "Who?"
  • We've got family staying for the weekend including a ton of kids. Mrs. LL told me what events I had to attend but, other than that, I'm free to disappear. 
  • Three of my last four Petitions for Discretionary Review to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals have been granted --  including one in a DWI case this week. (If you know what that means you'll probably be impressed.) Last year, the court only granted 6.4% of all Petitions. 
  • Isn't it that special time of year where riots break out over Air Jordans?
  • I haven't received a speeding ticket since 1991.
  • There was a big motorcycle chase in Wise County last night.  Jail records indicate it was 23 year old out of Krum.