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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox's Megyn Kelly took quite a bit of heat for her "Jesus was white" comment, but she continues to insist that the issue "is far from settled." Sheesh. 
  • I've raved about Empire of the Summer Moon before and, for those of you who read it, it dedicated some its pages of how the white man basically killing off of the buffalo was the beginning of the end of the Indians. Knowing that, check out this historic photo I came across this weekend.
  • I'll joke about the Wise County "Fossil, Rock and Mineral Society" from time to time, but I love that they'll have a Christmas dinner this year with guests being "asked to bring a rock-related item for a gift exchange." (Per Update).
  • My "bet the house" prediction on the Cowboys winning less than 8.5 is still alive. And speaking of that debacle yesterday, Dallas threw is 23 times and ran it just 7 times in the second half. Also, check out this crazy "win probability" chart that was ongoing during the game yesterday.
  • I went to a six man game at Cowboys Stadium this weekend. Fantastic. I'll try and dedicate a separate post to it later. (One of the bands had about 10 members -- four of whom were the cheerleaders temporarily filling in -- and the band director played an instrument as well for the National Anthem.) And I got to see the power of Sky Mirror!
  • Remember how I hate how reporters will say they had a "nice chat" with a sports figure just to name drop? Dallas Morning News guy Barry Horn did it this weekend about his run in with Baylor's Kim Mulkey. 
  • During the ice storm I was constantly thinking, "If I slip and fall, I'm going to hurt myself". I wonder at what age we begin to think that? I certainly didn't think that in my twenties and probably not in my thirties. 
  • John Cornyn leads Tea Party nut case Steve Stockman by 50-6 in the first poll released
  • Denton PD had an arrest for "ASSAULT PUBLIC SERVANT | RESIST ARREST SEARCH OR TRANSP | ALCOHOL PUBLIC INTOXICATION | DISORDERLY CONDUCT-FIGHTING IN PUBLIC" with a book in photo which seems consistent with the charges. 
  • Ridiculous: Attorney General Greg Abbott considers "looking into" the case of the Keller kid who received probation for Intoxication Manslaughter. Equally ridiculous: Wendy Davis calling the sentence "a disgrace."  Aren't these the same folks who always say they respect the criminal justice system and the rule of law?
  • Legal question for you juvenile law gurus out there: The Tarrant County DA's office pursued the case under the "determinate sentence" law, but is there any prohibition which would have prevented them from certifying him as an adult in an Intoxication Manslaughter case?
  • I put out the giant inflatable Chrismas monkey on our front lawn. There's just something about it . . . . 
  • Everyone from USA Today to CMT to The Rolling Stone reported Ray Price had died on Sunday after his son prematurely made the announcement.  But he's still alive as of this morning. 
  • As a kid, I saw commercial after commercial for the film Billy Jack which also beat us down with the song "One Tin Soldier".  The lead actor has died
  • A wreck at Sam Houston State left three students dead and the  car leaning nose first up against a building. 
  • Discipline does work:: In all of college football, the rankings for least penalties per game include Navy at #1, Army at #8, and Air Force at #17. Baylor was the worst at #125. Texas Tech was #124.