Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Train/car collision in Fort Worth this morning with only minor injuries -- although that's amazing based upon the way the car looks
  • Oddest statement by President Obama yesterday about the chemical weapons use in Syria: “We have concluded that the Syrian government in fact carried these out. And if that’s so, then there need to be international consequences.” How do you "conclude" a fact and then follow it up with an "if"?
  • When the Johnny Football scandal first broke, I mentioned that the NCAA was scared to death of the four big conferences contemplating breaking away from the organization. A half game suspension proves they wanted nothing to do with a case involving the star quarterback of an SEC team. The days of the NCAA slapping a season long suspension for cases like Dez Bryant lying about having a dinner are over. 
  • Beyond incredible: When aTm released it's official statement on its website about the half game suspension, it ran a photo of Johnny Manziel along with a small banner in the corner that read "Buy Photo". I bet some tech guy got fired over that one. 
  • I tend to refer to everyone in the house as "Babe". 
  • Decatur teachers will get a 3% raise. 
  • That doesn't sound like much, but how many years would it take to double your salary if you got a 3% raise every year? Someone do the math for me -- I'd screw it up. 
  • I had my I'm-Going-To-Fail-A-Course-Because-I-Haven't-Gone-To-Class dream last night. And it was intense.
  • Then the dream trailed off into insanity: I was getting golf lessons and reached into my golf bag to pull out a bunch of golf balls. I dropped them on the grass and looked down and, instead of golf balls, they were huge frozen shrimp. The golf instructor said, "They'll do." 
  • In light of the anniversary of the March On Washington, the Golf Channel thought it would be a good idea to send out a tweet asking for everyone's "golf dream."  
  • I like radio guy Mark Davis. I think he's smart and thoughtful. My only complaint is that he's slowly transforming into an angry white man which tends to color his judgment as he ages.
  • Hey long term Cowboy fans, the Grantland article of "The Dallas Cowboys Are Trying to Kill Me" is really good. 
  • I'm going to be on my own for four days.  I've got to be old because I'm excited about yard work, catching up on lots of long reads I've saved, and watching College Game Day in a quiet house. That's now my idea of a full throttle life.