Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • While you were sleeping: Great Britain decides not to take military action in Syria. Hopefully, that will bring the warmongers in this country to their senses. 
  • "A horrific trial is underway in Galveston county that may leave you disturbed." And I've been tipped off that the young female defendant is from Boyd. Edit: Link fixed.
  • I used to bag on Ann Curry all the time but I hardly ever see her anymore since I changed my morning schedule a couple of years back. But I did see her on a segment on NBC Nightly News this week when she was interviewing someone about global warming and, I'm happy to report, she still has it: Overly Concerned Face. 
  • The Ticket had an amateur "Fight Night" last night in Dallas and one of the participants was Gabriel Thrasher of Decatur. I'm pretty sure he participated last year. 
  • Funny line from Norm Hitzges at Fight Night about a boxer from Prosper who was getting killed and wearing a shirt that read, "Get some! Get some!" -- Norm said, "Think he should change his shirt to read 'Got some! Got some!'?"
  • College football notes: (1) Reports are that Texas Tech will start a walk on true freshman at QB tonight against SMU. Wow. (2) No baseball game this season will be as good as Vandy/Ole Miss was last night. (3) An animated GIF of the lightening strike that delayed the North Carolina/South Carolina game. (4) Animated GIF of a punt returner getting killed -- a bit too early -- in the Indiana/Indiana State game.
  • Ted Nugent's wife got arrested at DFW Airport last night for having a gun in her bag. I wouldn't rule out that was an intentional act for a little publicity. She was on the radio a couple of months back promoting some new business and she may need a little free coverage. (Let's see if she and Ted do a bunch of interviews this week.)
  • And here's Steve Eager with a Ron Burgundy moment reporting the Nugent story: She remained "dzailed" instead of "jailed." 
  • Maybe a little excessive?: In Houston, $32 million was awarded against Domino's when one of its drivers crashed into a car and killed a 65 year old and injured her husband. 
  • I hate getting junk mail with a font that looks like real handwriting. 
  • Yeah, it's preseason, but Bridgeport's Colin Jones had two interceptions last night for the Carolina Panthers.