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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That picture is from The Dallas Morning News which for some reason sent a photographer to that Sisu place. Joe Duty needs to get out to Wise County Park. Pronto. 
  • The MTV Redneck Heaven "reality show" will debut this fall. There was a scene shot in Denton the other day, and I had a witness email me about how the show was filmed/staged. Good stuff. I'll post it once the show comes out. It'll make more sense.
  • Rangers radio guy Eric Nadel said Yu Darvish doesn't have a "killer instinct" because he doesn't win enough games. How dumb is that? Nothing means less in baseball than a pitcher's win-loss record.
  • The NCAA met with Johnny Football yesterday for six hours. Th Aggie season starts this weekend and they just now get around to talking to him? 
  • "A missing teen, fascinated with Into the Wild has been found dead in Oregon." Maybe he didn't get to the end of book/movie. 
  • Former Mavs bust and Kardashian boy toy Lamar Odom may (or may not) be missing and believed to be on drugs. I still remember Mark Cuban attacking The Ticket when those boys accurately called Odom a failure midway through the season. 
  • My health insurance has a $6,000 deductible and runs $500 a month.  And that systems not broke?
  • Stumbled on a Larry David movie this weekend called Clear History which was basically a Curb Your Enthusiasm movie. I'd not heard a single thing about it. 
  • Mark Davis this morning said that if America wants to be an "agent for good" that we need to launch air strikes on Syria.  Dropping bombs on the Middle East is "good"?  Cue that song from Team America, World Police.
  • I've still got glitter on my thumbnail where the Fifth Grader In The House walked by me a week ago and decided to polish it. 
  • From the Update: "Keep in mind that beginning Sept. 1, the maximum fine for a first offense of passing a stopped school bus increases from $1,000 to $1,250." That $1,000 a fine wasn't enough of a deterrent?