Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Of all the concepts in this world, the Butterfly Effect may be the most true. Today someone deciding whether to stop for 10 seconds for any reason will change peoples' lives years from now in a major way. Life. Death. Love. Marriage. 
  • Ran into a gal this weekend who is having the most Wheels Off life. I was torn between feeling so very bad for her versus realizing how listening to her story made me realize how blessed I am.
  • Miley Cyrus apparently went nuts at the VMAs last night. Girl ain't right.
  • Cowboys thoughts: (1) Everyone is making a big deal out of the benching of RB DeMarco Murray by Jason Garrett on Saturday night. Really? You bench a guy in a preseason game that has a 100% chance of starting when the regular season starts and that's a story?
  • It's back to school week where every kid, regardless of age, walks towards a building full of judgment. (2) There was a play where the opposing running back had a twenty yard or so gain and then fumbled. Jason Garrett was cheering like a school kid as the Cowboys recovered it.  I don't understand that. I'd be livid over a breakdown that allowed a twenty yard run and not happy about a lucky fumble recovery.
  • Odd moment of the weekend: Asking Mrs. LL if she wanted to clean the kitchen together or "wanted me to do it passively aggressively." We cleaned it together which was bizarrely fun to do. (Reflecting back, how she didn't kill me for asking that question is another matter.) 
  • Drives me nuts that people confuse the the worst Lake Bridgeport levels ever without considering the changes made in 1972.
  • Mansfield motorcycle death.
  • I lost an appeal in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals on Friday by a 2-1 vote. That's a professional heart breaker (but I loved the passion of the dissent). I'll probably appeal it to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and they just might consider it. 
  • The Sophomore In The House bought "his and her" bracelets and then the boyfriend broke up with her before the gift arrived.  Not sure I liked that guy anyway. 
  • My favorite thing to do with the kids before they leave the house is to do the Meet the Parents  "I'm watching you" move. 
  • Death notices in the Update today are for people 36, 49, 41 and 53. Good grief.