Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There's now a  Ricky Bobby Sports Saloon open near I-35 and and north 820. Idiocracy? (But, I'll admit, I loved that goofy movie. My two favorite scenes -- other than the dinner prayer -- involved Will Farrell running in his underwear yelling "Help me Tom Cruise!", and the Borat guy telling Farrell,"My husband Gregory and I wish for only that which every other couple wishes for: to retire to Stockholm and design a currency for dogs and cats to use." In the latter, you can see Farrell begin to laugh as he replies, "That's dumb."
  • The radio reminded me this morning of a now closed outdoor amphitheater which used to be at LBJ and Central in Dallas. It was called, maybe,  Starfest. I saw Amy Grant and Kenny Loggins there back in the day. I was full throttle.
  • I actually got sucked in by an email ad yesterday: 12 monthly digital issues of PC Magazine for $12. I bought it. 
  • The couple and small child who were killed by an alleged drunk driver on I-30 a couple of days ago were in the process of honoring the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.  (Question: What is the political and religious persuasion of the first person who will certainly post a hateful comment?)
  • Another crazy water main break in the metroplex.
  • From the email bag last night: "On the way to work just saw a guy dragging like a ten foot cross on his shoulder with a guy with a flash light walking beside him and a guy riding in a fat cart bout 20 ft behind them both.   I'm assuming it has to be some walk like Jesus thing across ?Texas? US?   Would have gotten a pic but it was 287 North of Alvord and its frickin pouring down rain dark.    Guy works for me called saw same thing so I'm not crazy."
  • "A man who police say had 'the mental capacity of a young child' was found dead inside a hot car Thursday afternoon in Arlington." It was actually in the driveway of a "group home" in a residential section.
  • Steve Eager and Heather Hays had an awkward segment last night where Heather called Steve "Ron Burgundy" and Steve called Heather " Veronica Corningstone?" Then Steve said, "What did he say? 'I'm gonna . . . . '" which prompted Heather to yell, "Don't say it!!!"  Researching lines from The Anchorman, there are some interesting ones that use the word "gonna".  (Best I can tell, Eager either threatened to marry her or punch her in the ovary.) 
  • I'm not sure what happened, but I think I remember Mrs. LL chewing out the Kids In The House at 2:00 in the morning last night for not being asleep. And then I think she was on the phone to some unknown third person explaining what was going on. (I live a life of lots of head shaking and not asking questions. It's just easier that way.)
  • ESPN has announced the next batch of 30 for 30 documentaries. I love that stuff. (The Jimmy Connors one and the Nancy Kerrigan one are definitely on my radar.)
  • AG Eric Holder has "asked a San Antonio-based federal court to force Texas to get Justice Department approval before changing their election rules."  Fox 4 had ex-Bridgeport resident Allen Vaught and some Dallas Republican bigwig on last night to discuss the issue. I was surprised that the Republican didn't go into an anti-federal government rant. He seemed very timid and went with the "Who us? We would never discriminate" mantra.