Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Since it looks like the cops focused in on the 17 year old in the Saginaw murder case from the start, those billboards asking for help seem a little odd now. 
  • Funny random tweet last night: "At my funeral, make sure there is a guy leaning on a tree like 150 feet to the side. Have him nod and walk off at the end. Preferably into fog."
  • Baylor player Ahmad Dixon was asked yesterday at Big 12 media day if Baylor could really win the Big 12. His answer, which is so great in so many ways, was: "Can God save a hooker?" 
  • And coach Art Briles, when asked if he ever raps during practice like Dixon does, responded to the question with lyrics by Drake. And none of the reporters even knew he did it. (Nor would have I.) 
  • A Dallas police officer learned that he could not come to work drunk
  • Wrong way driver fatality in Dallas last night. And there were three people killed on I-30 at Eastchase Parkway but they are not sure about the cause yet. 
  • Facebook has been bombarded with a post about a new pastor of a mega-church who secretly dressed up as a homeless man and visited the church on his first Sunday with shocking (or expected?) results. I didn't believe it when I read it. Snopes has it as "undetermined" but has found no evidence to confirm it -- but did have proof that the accompanying photo was not true. 
  • I'm not saying it couldn't or wouldn't happen (it probably would), I just disputed the exact details of the account. 
  • The Pope is in Brazil and the Fifth Grader in The House asked me, "Why are they trying to touch him" as she saw crowds gather around his vehicle as he made his way through the streets. Try and answer that one!
  • The Dallas Cowboys beat writers are tweeting every mundane play of the Cowboys training camp (with insight that they probably do not possess.) Someone replied to them last night that they were going to ruin the excitement of the first pre-season game. 
  • Anthony Weiner is crazy but I love the moniker "Carlos Danger".