Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The lady killed at Six Flags is a bizarre story. Everyone is pointing fingers at Six Flags (yes, I've read the "eyewitness" accounts of her not being secured) but how in the world do hundreds of thousands of people ride the Texas Giant without incident?
  • Call in the lawyers. Certainly a big bag of money will make everything right. 
  • There was a death on the old Big Bend roller coaster in the early 1970s, right?  Or was it just injuries? Something definitely happened. but I've yet to see a news report about it as everyone reports about the history of Six Flags.
  • If interested, Fox 4's Lone Star Adventure had a segment on the newly rescued bears now being housed in the sanctuary in Boyd. 
  • I watched the second episode of The Bridge over the weekend. Still good. And getting a little freaky. 
  • On my post of "Most Famous Wise Countians" last week,  a couple of people referenced Boyd's Billy Joe Tolliver. He won the Tahoe Celebrity Golf Classic this weekend. 
  • House Speaker John Boehner said that Congress "ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal." I couldn't agree more. Any one who is elected to any law making body thinks they have been sent there to make laws. 
  • Motorcycle death in North Richland Hills yesterday.
  • Motorcycle death on Boat Club Road on Friday night.
  • "Batman and Superman to unite on the big screen." Yawwwwwwwn.
  • The Fan's Mike Fisher this morning: "I'm told major Cowboys 'business' story is about to explode onto scene." Edit: Richie Whitt says Cowboys Stadium is about to become AT&T stadium.
  • This is probably too long unless you are really interested in stuff like this, but Grits For Breakfast had a post which included transcripts from a trial where a Texas prosecutor withheld evidence so the judge granted a directed verdict of acquittal. For some reason, the judge allowed both the State and the Defense to address the jury after the trial was over. The State did a CYA speech while the defense lawyer told the jury that if he had withheld evidence when he was a prosecutor he would have lost his job. Delicious. 
  • Car bombs go off in Iraq over the weekend killing over 40.  I'm glad we brought democracy to that country at the cost of thousands of American lives.