Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Leo DiCaprio seen wearing a Texas Tech cap. What an odd combo. 
  • Sports: (1) New Texas Ranger pitch Matt Garza was fantastic last night but that throw to first base was worse than the first pitch a couple of weeks back by Carly Rae Jepsen; (2) I think Peter King has a huge bag of nothing; and (3) the Longhorn Network is running a replay of the Empire's championship game against USC where it completely butchers and cuts the most of the best plays of the fourth quarter. 
  • Peter King's advice to young wannabe sports writers is to "write every day even if it is not being published." Really? I used to practice a golf swing  every day that I was doing horribly wrong and never got better.
  • That's very close to extremely wealthy people's advice of "do what you love." What if you love fishing and watching Sportscenter?
  • We had five kids spend the night in the house last night. (The regular two plus three guests.) Having a game room might have been the best investment in my life. 
  • The Messenger hasn't uttered a peep about the Saginaw killer who used to live in Decatur. Why? Even the Star-Telegram has interviewed his Wise County relatives.
  • Back in May, an innocent metroplex man was killed by police in his own driveway after he was shot by police. The explanation which came out yesterday by officials was that police had accidentally responded to the wrong house after a burglary report because of "poor lighting." You gotta be kidding me. How horrific. And the cops fired six times! But let's all shrug our shoulders, right?
  • The Ticket boys must have big time contracts based upon their vacations: (1) George Dunham took his family to Hawaii, (2) Donovan Lewis went to Greece with his wife, (3) Jake Kemp went to four countries including Switzerland. Edit: Sheesh. Forgot that Junior Miller went to France. 
  • I have a poor man's sprinkler system set up with dual headed timers for the water hoses. It's fantastic. I probably need to get a sprinkler system. 
  • I went to the doctor for one reason and then everyone got freaked out when my blood results showed freaky cholesterol levels. How is that possible? But I'm now taking medication for it. It's hard to be concerned about a condition which has no symptoms. Yet, I understand. 
  • Hot opinion about Anthony Weiner's wife who continues to stand by her man despite his sexting: She secretly supports it.