Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox 4's new bit of Heather Hays and Steve Eager reading tweets from their cell phones of viewer reaction might be the most awkward and ill thought out concept ever. 
  • I really don't understand all the details, but the Dallas ISD Superintendent will now be investigated after the school board authorized an independent counsel last night. This is the beginning of the end for that guy.
  • "Officials: Zimmerman helped 4 out of car wreck." That's nice an honorable, but how in the world does that headline give rise to this tweet by Mark Davis: "To all playing the game of who was a better person, Zimmerman or Trayvon, okay-- chew on [that story] and get back to me . . . ."  How do you take that story and turn it into Trayvon bashing? That man is losing it.
  • Sure are lots of experts on why the lady fell off the roller coaster at Six Flags. Some are pointing to the lack of "clicks" on her personal restraint when it went down while others say that ride's mechanism has no clicking sound at all but is instead run by hydraulics.
  • Our "replace all door knobs" project took and odd turn. Mrs. LL did them all (she now loves the power of a Mikata drill) but on Sunday night we realized that some were irrevocably upside down. Apparently, for those knobs with locks on them, there are left handed ones and right handed ones. I thought it was a very funny mistake. She didn't find the humor. At all.
  • From the Update: "WASHER TOURNEY TAKES CENTER STAGE AT REUNION." Does this fall into the category of "I guess you had to be there?" 
  • Sports: (1) Former Aggie and current NFL great Von Miller was suspended yesterday for what is believed to be drug use.  Big name Aggies sure are finding a lot of trouble lately; (2) The Dallas Mavericks have hired a new general manager which is probably nothing more than an excuse for Cuban fire him five years from now as a scapegoat as the team falls into the depths of mediocrity. 
  • Saw an old preview for a Marilyn Monroe movie where she comes barreling out of the ocean in a bikini. I told Mrs. LL that it reminded me of her because she, like Marilyn, is sometimes a Stumble Runner. She liked being compared to Marilyn but couldn't get past the stumble reference.