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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox News is all over the "news" of reporter Steven Crowder being hit by "union thugs" yesterday in Michigan. Hey, I'm against violence but Crowder went in there looking for a confrontation (and that may be the most edited video in the history of ever.)
  • The Ticket's Gordon Keith made a good point today: How is it that Jane McGarry is fired by KXAS for DWI but Josh Brent is embraced by his employer for Intoxication Manslaughter?
  • Hey, it's 12/12/12.  (Which makes me realize it's less than two weeks to Christmas.)
  • Former Cowboy Eugene Lockhart will be sentenced today for mortgage fraud. Not a good week for the Cowboy brand.
  • Idiocracy: Heard a mortgage company ad the other day offering a customized mortgage that they referred to as a "your-gage".
  • Watched an old Seinfeld last night. That series for the last two seasons was horrible. (It was the episode where Elaine was mistaken for a "Susie" at her work. It's almost impossible to describe it was so bad.)
  • John Wiley Price, in reference to a point made by Maureen Dickey during commissioners' court, said yesterday, "Honey Boo Boo has spoken." Oh, man. 
  • I'm pretty sure Mrs. LL slept walked for about three minutes last night. I was scared to disturb her it was so weird. After three minutes, she got back in bed without saying a word. I asked her about this morning and she had no memory of it.
  • Jenna Bush is pregnant. It's the equivalent of a U.S.'s Kate Middleton pregnancy only completely different.
  • There was a lawsuit filed that claims Storage Wars is fake/set up.  I'd be stunned if someone thought it wasn't.
  • The winner of the Dallas Marathon was a big Russian guy who had the worst teeth ever and sounded like Borat. 
  • Anti-big government Rick Perry endorsed legislation yesterday to allow government to restrict abortions. 
  • I think the Update is wrong about the criminal trial going on. If the guy is convicted of the original charge, he faces a minimum of 25 years.