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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A wrong way driver in Dallas demolished the car he hit. 
  • And we had someone strike a police car with their vehicle. They just keep coming. 
  • The sideline reporter for the Cowboys game, Laura Okmin, reminded me of Ann Coulter.
  • Isn't it about time to see the commercial of the guy who gives his wife a Lexus for Christmas?
  • The start and conclusion of the Army/Navy game is really, really neat. The game itself, not so much. (But if you saw the crying Army quarterback you kind of wanted him to "man up" after about 10 minutes.) 
  • Sheriff Joe tweeted a picture of him in a parade and must have been oblivious to the fact that there was a aorta-potty directly behind him. 
  • I wish Jerry Jones would fire Rob Ryan based upon principle. He reminds me too much of his daddy. 
  • Every time Jason Garrett looks at his play sheet to select a play my confidence level in him drops.
  • The two Cowboys who were in the wreck causing the death of one of them had been at "Privae Dallas, a private club where comedian Shawn Wayans performed Friday night" according to 105.3 The Fan. 
  • Tommy Tuberville leaving the head coaching job at Texas Tech to go to Cincinnati is baffling. I'm just guessing he felt he needed to get out of there before he was fired. 
  • The Mark Davis Show on the radio this morning is a taped replay from last week with no explanation as to where he is.
  • The 30 for 30 on Bo Jackson was really, really good but my DVR recorded version stopped about five minutes to early because some show about "the Heisman" ran long on Saturday night.  Jackson's professional career was so short. 
  • Got to witness two teenage girls in the house cry at the end of Titanic despite the fact they had seen the movie a million times.
  • Mrs. LL and I watched Magic Mike. Good grief. 
  • Some Mexican singer named Jenni Rivera has been killed in a plane crash.  I don't think she is as big as Selena but it sounds like she was pretty famous.