The Campaign For DA


  • After six hours of deliberations, the guy on trial in Wise County for "continuous sex assault of a child" was found guilty yesterday evening.  The punishment phase begins today with the range of punishment being no less than 25 years and no more than Life.  He cannot get probation. There is no early parole. (And I can predict what will happen -- it will make sense tomorrow when I can say more.) 
  • I mentioned that the range of punishment for Intoxication Manslaughter is 2 to 20 years and the possibility of probation. A girl in Wichita Falls yesterday received a three year sentence yesterday from a jury for that offense wherein her brother was killed.
  • Cowboy Josh Brent's blood alcohol level was released yesterday: .18.  I'm more stunned by how quickly it was analyzed than the level.
  • Horrible and strange story of a lawyer who was apparently "beaten" on Greenville Avenue in Dallas and now is in a medically induced coma. From a report this morning, however, it sounds like it might have been one blow to the nose causing him to fall back and hit his head. 
  • That low hanging front end on Mrs. LL's Gangsta Mobile is a nightmare. But I've become an expert in inconspicuous zip tie repair.
  • Saw someone write that Decatur was on "Shipping Wars" last night. I don't know what that is. 
  • One of my weird greatest joys: Taking two swigs of tomato juice immediately upon waking up. 
  • The guy who carved a pentagram in his son's back then took the blood and smeared it around his front door.  I'm guessing he watched the Passover scene in The Ten Commandments
  • Decatur attorney Mark Howell emailed me yesterday to say that he won the Punt, Pass and Kick Competition as a kid.  I find his story simply unbelievable. 
  • As the malls are packed and everyone attends Christmas parties, a homeless man was crushed to death yesterday in Fort Worth after the dumpster he was sleeping in got picked up by a trash compacting truck. 
  • I watched some of the Sandy concert last night. It was a heck of a lineup. It was a heck of a Geriatric Convention.