The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Polls indicated yesterday that the presidential race was tightening up and all the Right Wingers who last week were saying the polls were wrong suddenly were embracing them.
  • The former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, who comes in second place behind Debra Lafave as the greatest "And Another", pled guilty yesterday but will avoid prison.
  • A skydiver is attempting to break the sound barrier this morning. I fear for his life.
  • Gruesome: The aftermath of a car wreck in Dallas, which included flames, was caught on tape. The video was played on Fox 4 last night with the story being the slow response time of the fire department (9 minutes.) First, nine minutes seems pretty quick. Secondly, they were given the wrong address.
  • How in the world did Texas Tech start out as only a four point underdog to West Virginia?
  • If you turned on sports radio yesterday, it was all Josh Hamilton talk all the time.
  • Mrs. LL recorded Access Hollywood yesterday because Courtney Stodden was on it promoting something called Couples Therapy. But I haven't watched it yet. 
  • I don't know who CM Punk is and I couldn't find RAW on my television if I had to, but Mr. Punk slugged a fan on that show right now. 
  • Now there's a pet turtle in the house.  
  • The killer of that Arlington pastor sounds like one bad, bad guy. (And I realized yesterday he was part of a sad Dallas Observer cover story about another man who died in the Tarrant County Jail.)