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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I dreamed I spent hours roaming around a huge hospital like Parkland where most of the individuals in it were unwatched inmates.
  • That was a heck of a lightening show in the county around 5:00 p.m. yesterday. Multiple lightening strikes with crashing thunder. Delicious. 
  • The "lone wolf" terror suspect arrested in New York a couple of days ago is yet another example of an incompetent fool used for law enforcement for publicity. Proof: Even the Feds wouldn't touch the case which is why the State is prosecuting it. The government had him "under surveillance for more than two years and made more than 400 hours of secret recordings" and he still didn't even know how to make a pipe bomb. 
  • The Decatur Lady Eagles lost to a bunch of home schooled kids last night. A very religious group of home schoolers at that. 
  • How much would I have to financially benefit before I would spend five days in a tent on a sidewalk outside of a store which includes missing Thanksgiving? $10,000. Maybe.
  • Do gasoline prices seem to change by 30 cents overnight?
  • Buddy Ryan and sons Rex Ryan, and Rob Ryan seem like a group of guys that would still laugh at Jeff Foxworthy.
  • Individual frames of the Zapruder film. (It is November 22nd, by the way.)
  • The Texas Theater, where Oswald was captured, is replaying the exact movies at the exact times that they rolled 48 years ago. Admission is $1.
  • Mark Cuban has written an e-book. Let me guess, "Find what you love to do then go to work in that field." And then there will be a footnote that reads, "An do something simple like stream audio over the Internet and then sell the technology to a company that will never use it for $5.9 billion."
  • There's something poetic about the TCU kicker kicking in a door in Denton to try and recover a stolen cellphone. I wonder if he took three steps back and two steps sideways before the kick?
  • I was wrong when I said Tony Romo would have received a 15 yard penalty for trying to call a timeout when the team had none. The refs would have just ignored it, the clock would have run out, and it would be a 5 yard delay a of game. 
  • One of my old "skattershooting" columns from 2003 where I have a ton of JFK thoughts at the bottom.