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About That School Funding Problem

The most under-reported aspect of the resignation of the Dallas ISD superintendent yesterday (which I otherwise don't care about) is that he'll receive around $180,000 a year in retirement benefits from Texas in addition to his new salary in Georgia. (Buried in lat paragraph here.)


Anonymous said...

Teacher retirement is about to take a huge hit from all of the teachers who are retiring earlier than they had planned.

Anonymous said...

Why is this guy bugging out?

1) After the Vegas incident and a 5-4 vote to extend his contract, he cold see the jig was up, and

2) The sad state of financial affairs for all ISD's will result in a huge increase of retirements for many older supts. who unable/ unwilling to do what it will take to run an ISD andstill provide a quality education. They wiil do like the Dallas & FW supts.; hang around through the summer, build an underfunded budget, collect a few more perks, and leave the managing an underfunded ISD to someone else. And it is going to be a train wreck in slow motion, particularly with smaller districts who have inept supts. to begin with. The only upside is that there are a few smart young administrator/educators in the business who are savy enough that, given the opportunity, will provide a strong educational environment without using a baseball bat on the employees. And when the dust settles and people in the business see what they are capable of, they will be able to wright their own ticket for the remainder of their careers. And Heaven knows it has been a long time coming.

Anonymous said...

If they worked and earned it, then it belongs to them. I don't like the huge salaries they get, but the retirement still belongs to them.

Anonymous said...

Retirement belongs to him, but still a slug.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

They deserve a break given the fools that are on school boards.

Some of the allow everyone to attend graduation and fake graduate.

Now that is stupid!

Anonymous said...

I agree

Is it a graduation ceremony or a celebration of hanging around four years

This is an example of the problem with an entitled society!

Don't complain about entitlements if you support this one

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, I am so glad to see this sponge go some where else.