Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Still a big fan of Modern Family. (And I've learned how some shows throw out tons of adult humor which is just subtle enough to go over a 12 year old's head. Barely.) 
  • I'm beginning to like Satellite Radio. (Although the stations I like have commercials.)
  • Two plane crashes overnight: 22 dead in Pakistan, 68 dead in Cuba. (Oh, and add 50 more dead in Pakistan due to a Taliban suicide bomber.) 
  • Even though I'm not a gamer, this Kinect attachment to the Xbox looks fantastic. It works like a Wii, but recognizes your body motion without you having to hold a controller. It even recognizes your face when you walk into a room. 
  • I've yet to turn on my home heater. Tonight may be the night. 
  • I bet Rick Perry is positioning himself as a vice-presidential candidate. Now that makes sense. He'd be perfect to appease the Tea Partiers. 
  • Taylor Swift's new album sells over a million in its first week and, get this, there are 10 songs off the album that are currently in Billboard's Hot 100. That used to be impossible because the record company would  "release" each single one at a time. Now the online public decides which tune is worthy of being a single. 
  • I think I've become compulsive obsessive when it comes to a dirty floor. I'm now a sweeping and vacuuming fool. 
  • The biggest college football game this weekend is TCU/Utah and it's on some channel called CBS College Sports? I so want to discount TCU but what they did to 7-2 Baylor continues to make me shake my head. 
  • Mrs. LL got so mad at the Sprint store that she came home with tears in her eyes last night. I'd never seen that before. (But she got a new phone after everything was said, cried and done.)
  • Unemployment news this morning: The national rate stands at 9.6% but the private sector added 159,000 new jobs (the most in five months). I think this thing is finally turning the corner. 
  • Remember the Fainting Kittens video? Well someone has tricked it up by adding animated laser beams. 
  • Mick Jagger's daughter is hot with the exception of her Mick Jagger mouth. 
  • The crazy girl dancing at Cowboys Stadium that was referenced yesterday? Turns out she is a sophomore at East Carolina University and was in town for the weekend.