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Greenpeace Takes To Land

I have no idea what the environmentalist group Greenpeace was doing with this banner today at Mt. Rushmore (pic from Christian Science Monitor), but it has a Wise County connection. Blog fan Teela Watson of Decatur ISD was there on vacation and sent me this pic of the banner as it was being taken down.


Anonymous said...

Good job Greenpiece warriors.

I am now totally convinced thet you have solutions to our real problems.. Where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

greenpeace = asshats.

Anonymous said...

Of all the things goingon in the world to be concerned with...I think the "save Mother Earth" bit has run it's course.

"Eco-friendly" and "green" should be banned from the english language.

Anonymous said...

i bet drugs we a player in that game

Anonymous said...

No such thing as global warming. Just ask anybody. Rush is an expert on glogal warming, as well as all other Conservative pundits. They have researched and studied this so much, so they know. They have the credientials to understand global warming and can easily spin it off as fiction. Even Wise County Republicans know global warming is a myth. Just read lets to the ed in the Mess. They also have the education to know a fake thing when they hear it. There are lots of experts about global warming that truly know it does not exist.

Anonymous said...

Stop global warmism. Quit exhaling CO2.

Anonymous said...

"A 2002 analysis of NASA satellite data from 1979-1999 showed that areas of Antarctica where ice was increasing outnumbered areas of decreasing ice roughly 2:1."

"2007 showed the largest positive anomaly of sea ice in the southern hemisphere since records have been kept starting in 1979 and 2008 is currently on pace to surpass last years record."

The amount of H2O in the frozen state varies around the globe. Bench marks scratched in rock
by English sea captains in the 1840s show sea levels are dropping. During the history of the earth
sea levels have fluctuated hundreds of feed. That white stuff in your well water is residue from a sea bottom.

We, as humans, try to take too much credit for what is happening in our world. You might consider cycles in the sun to be a little more powerful than Al Gore. Before you are willing to pay much higher prices for gasoline and electricity please take a look at other opinions.

Obama did indicate that all of us making under 250K would not have a tax increase. Now there is a bill before Congress to add tax to the price of all oil/coal based fuels. He promised "NO NEW TAXES." Will he claim a tax on Exxon or on an electricity producer is not a tax on the low income families of Wise County? If Exxon writes the check but collects the increase from us
who is paying the tax? If it passes get ready to pay more for everything you consume, especially
food. The day it comes into effect, or before, the retail price of everything will go up.

Anonymous said...

Those guys all look stoned.

Rock Duster said...

I thought we were going to put Obamo's head in the group.

Oh wait, me forget. We got a memo that said they couldn't find a piece of coal that big.

Anonymous said...

10:28 -
lame, pitiful, stupid comment

Care to compare what you have accomplished with what our President of the United States has accomplished?

Anonymous said...

I didn't believe in the warming thing but dang it sure has been hot in south Texas this summer. I mean real hot..and it just keeps a coming.

Anonymous said...

Sure 11:53

I haven't scammed anyone!

Anonymous said...

That banner was being used to cover up the newest image on Mount Rushmore.

That's right, sports fans, Michael Jackson is number 5.

Double Fake Old Man of the Mountain

Anonymous said...

Pres. Obama has people on both sides of the political spectrum saying that he is doing too much, not enough.

He is governing to the best of his very capable abilities.

I like him a lot so far. For the times we are in, I am very thankful that Obama is in charge and not GWBush.

And yes that's just an opinion, but so is yours.

It still doesn't change that what you originally posted was very mean-spirited and ignorant. Catch up - it's 2009 now.

Anonymous said...

Obama is such an empty suit....however he did get all the stupid people to vote for him and thanks to the liberals schools have been turning out imbeciles for 30 years and they now represent a majority of the voter...pretty much spells the end to the United States.

Anonymous said...

Global warming my ass.

Anonymous said...

If it were only legal a Barrett at a thoudsand yards could have made the banner hanging a lot more fun .dago