Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't think I 'm sick, but I woke up last night with chills. Shaking chills. I turned the heat up, snuggled under the covers, and woke up two hours later dripping in sweat (I know, appealing visual.) I guess that's progress.
  • Had a dream about an old high school girlfriend. She kept whispering absolutely innocent things in my ear why her husband just glared at me. Very tense.
  • All the news mentions on days like this is how busy the airport will be on the day before a holiday. One year I was right by DFW airport with absolutely nothing to do when I heard that report, so I ducked into the airport to watch some family reunions amongst the crowds. (This was when you could go inside the gates without a ticket.) There was no one there. Absolutely desolate. I've been skeptical of local news ever since.
  • And I'm two days away from my biggest news beat down of the year: The day after Thanksgiving shopping reports live from the mall. (Let me guess: People arrived early. They looked for specials more than in years before. Money is tight. Retailers are slashing prices to move inventory.)
  • More and more, I'm turning down potential clients if I think they are going to be nothing but trouble. Those hypothetical individuals arrested for DWI, admit they were drunk, and tell me they expect me to make the case go away. I'm a lawyer, not a miracle worker, and I don't need the hassle.
  • The older I get, the more rapid fire these holidays seem to come around every year.
  • Fox 4's Megan Henderson had her hair in a ponytail this morning. Very good look.
  • Local homebuilder D.R. Horton announced last quarter losses of $800 million yesterday and it's stock price went up 38% because it wasn't as bad as expected. Odd world we live in when losing almost a billion dollars is good news.
  • I had to leave early from Thanksgiving lunch one time when I went to the Cowboys game (they played Pittsburgh). My mom wasn't pleased. I've never tried to pull that stunt again.
  • Thanksgiving parades don't interest me. Parades in general don't interest me. A parade involving spider monkeys on floats would interest me.
  • If I feel well enough, and I expect to, I'll run in the eight mile Dallas Turkey Trot tomorrow. It is always a scene, and I bet I've done it 8 out of the last 10 years. When I first started, I ran the 3K course and was scared I wouldn't make it.
  • I wonder if my nemesis Barron Green will be there? (Back story here and here.)
  • In the run, which consists of thousands, I always see this very healthy guy wearing nothing but a a speedo with turkey feathers on his butt and carrying a huge American flag on a pole. Good times.